Wedding dress codes the rules of what to wear to a wedding

wedding dress codes

Whether at work or a wedding, the topic of wedding dress codes is subjective and often vaguely defined. Although the idea of dress codes seem to be something from traditions past, there are always moments to be mindful of what you’re wearing.

As wedding season is among us, wedding dress codes for upcoming social events are usually printed on an invitation. Then again, sometimes they’re not. These requests of attendee attire are sometimes written and other times implied. Regardless the formality of an event can be interpreted many different ways. Dressing for the occasion and dressing for your role in the wedding are simple ways to remain confident while enhancing the aura of that special day.

Common Wedding Dress Codes:

  • White Tie / Black Tie
  • Black Tie Optional / Hollywood Black Tie
  • Semi-Formal / Smart Casual
  • Black Tie Alternative / Creative
  • Casual / Country

London based Tailors, T.M.Lewin have helped us to cut through the clutter and navigate the several dress-codes that you may see this wedding season and beyond. Regardless of which guest list you end up on, the tips below will have you feeling confident and appropriately prepared. Weddings today include many photo opportunities, both professional and through the lenses of guests. Chances are likely you’ll be found in the background of countless images, Do it for the photo albums and wedding day hashtags and make sure that you look your best. And off course do it for yourself, that boost of confidence to feel your best.

wedding dresscode

If you find yourself in need of a new look to fit your upcoming social occasions – T.M.Lewin has a range of smart options for any environment, formal or casual. As experts in dressing smart, the English dress-shirt innovators have timeless style options for everyone on the wedding guest list.


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