Wedding dress trends for 2020

wedding dress trends

To all those brides to be out there, we’ve got this year’s wedding dress trends and forecast for you. This year is going to be perhaps the most fashionable yet to be a bride. You can say goodbye to those old fashioned gowns and be mesmerized by a new range of selection with intricate designs and awe inspiring looks.

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Bridal dresses have a habit of becoming classics in an instant, they are perhaps the most fickle clothing item in the entire fashion industry. Hence it pays to be up to date in the matter, so that you look perfect on your special day. While many old designs have made their way back in this year’s collection. This article will focus on new entries from blazers to trains. For all those old school romantics out there, designers have taken dresses from the renaissance era to a next level. So all in all, this year’s collection is for everyone.

Bridal blazers

It can be seen as a blend between a successful business woman and a bride, and the result, well you can see it for yourself and make your decision.

Wedding dress trends allover crochet lace

This design can go either boho or traditional depending on your preferences and the wedding style, but looks good either way.

Bridal Suit Meets Train

Just because brides pick pants instead of gowns doesn’t mean that they have to sacrifice the train too. This design has perfectly merged the two concepts: a bridal jumpsuit and a train, so no more hesitation to opt for pants now is there?

Old Hollywood Glam

Want a nostalgic feeling on your grand day? Miss the good old Hollywood days? Well fret no more, for the old Hollywood bridal looks have returned with a new punch (just a metaphor). Inspired by looks such as the Satin ball gowns and Art Deco. These wedding dress trends gowns have excellently modernized our dream gowns from movies, and we just can’t have enough of them, can you?

Wedding dress trends Renaissance Romance

A revamped oldie with more dramatic sleeves, taking the dresses a notch above poet sleeves to truly give a romantic feeling from the renaissance.

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