Wedding Dresses: What To Do When the Wedding Is Over

Once the wedding ends, many brides struggle with deciding what to do with the dress. Keep reading to explore some creative ideas for your gown.

So you’re married and have an expensive and fancy gown in your closet. What do you do with it? There are various creative ideas for what to do with your wedding dress when the wedding is over. This blog will explore a few of these ideas and help you make the right decision.

Put It Up for Sale

Wedding dresses cost a pretty penny, and selling your gown is one way to earn back money after the big day. You can use a consignment shop or sell it yourself online using a website of your choice.

You may feel torn about selling your wedding dress. If you went over budget, want to buy some of the items left on your registry, or put some money back into savings, it’s not a bad idea to sell your gown. If you decide that selling it is the way to go, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Repurpose the Dress

Saving your wedding dress and turning it into a christening dress or another clothing item for a formal event is a fantastic idea. For example, you can turn your cherished gown into a dress your children can cherish. It’s a wonderful way to repurpose your wedding dress.

Make It an Artistic Focal Point

Another option for your wedding dress after the wedding is to turn it into a framed piece of artwork. Hang your enclosed gown in your bedroom to admire the beautiful piece daily. You can choose between a professional framer or DIY options. With this option, you’ll create a show-stopping piece of art to keep forever.


Donating your dress is a wonderful and eco-friendly option. It’s OK if your dress had alterations; you could still donate your gown. You can drop off your dress with your local clothing donation center or find a non-profit specializing in wedding and bridal wear. You can feel good knowing somebody special will wear your dress.

Go the Preservation Route

Many brides love preserving their wedding dresses. Some hope to pass it down to their daughters, and others love having a special memento from that spectacular day. Wedding dress preservation can be pricey, but it’s worth it to those who long to keep their gown.

It’s best to go the professional preservation route because you could damage your gown if you do it yourself.

Create Home Décor Items

If you’re a crafty person or know someone who is, you can turn your wedding dress into home décor items. A few ideas include:

  • Pillows
  • Curtains
  • Table linens
  • Placemats

One look at these home decorations, and you’ll relive your wedding memories.

Choose whichever idea is best for you. If you want to frame it, frame it! If you’d rather sell your dress and make back some money, that’s perfectly fine! It’s your wedding dress. Just make sure you’re happy with the decision.

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