Wedding Gallery Summer/Fall 2020

What are the wedding dresses trends summer/fall 2020? Do you want to be updated with the latest bridal trends? We think it is important that you feelfantastic in your wedding dress. Read on for the 7 most important bridal fashion trends for summer/fall 2020.

Wedding dress trend 1: Detachable sleeves

One of the most striking trends of 2020 – 2021 are the detachable (puff) sleeves. Love this wedding dress trend too ?! The detachable sleeves add something special to a wedding dress; you can mix and match and give a bride two looks on her day.

Wedding dress trend 2: Wedding dresses with extra deep V-neckline

The deep V-neckline was already one of the wedding dress trends last year, but this year it is even deeper and therefore extra sexy. The deep V-neckline is a must-have for two reasons: it flatters your upper body (even if you’re busty!) And makes you look optically longer. An extra deep V-neckline with a worked lace top is ultra-feminine and also super sexy.

Wedding dress trend 3: Off-shoulder neckline

Another wedding dress trend that will stand out in 2020 and 2021 are wedding dresses with an off-shoulder neckline.

An off-shoulder wedding dress is characterized by a combination of a strapless dress with short, three-quarter or long sleeves, with the emphasis on your bare shoulders. A wedding dress in this style is appropriate for every season. Fabrics that go perfectly with this trend are tulle, fine lace and organza. This trend provides a feminine and sophisticated look and is completely hot in the wedding season.

Wedding dress trend 4: Bohemian chic

The wedding dress trend ‘Bohemian chic’ has been seen in the bridal fashion world for a while, but will become even more comfortable in this wedding season. Bohemian-style wedding dresses use flowing fabrics such as soft tulle, lace, crepe and chiffon, which ensure that the dress falls loosely and elegantly against your body. These fabrics are a pleasure to wear and ensure that you, as a bride, can move, sit and dance freely and freely on your wedding day. Combine loose with flowers, feathers, ribbons, coarse lace … for the ultimate Bohemian look.

Wedding dress trend 6: Wedding dresses with long sleeves

An absolute wedding dress trend for 2020 – 2021 are long sleeve bridal dresses. So are you getting married soon and do you want a stylish dress that is not too naked? Then this wedding dress trend is perfect for you. A wedding dress with long sleeves gives you a luxurious look and a delicate look. Whether you choose transparent sleeves, lace, crepe or long sleeves with a tattoo effect; the possibilities are endless. Get inspired!

Wedding dress trend 7: Pastel and ombre shades

Until a few years ago, shades of white (Ivory and off-white) were all over. In the wedding dress collections of 2020 and 2021, on the other hand, we see more and more blush colors, ombre, such as soft pink, purple light gold, champagne and nude. The ivory colored lace is even more beautiful. The pastel shades provide a warm and soft appearance.

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