Wedding Gift Alternatives To Consider Doing Instead

The big day’s coming up, and you and your loved one need to decide if you want a traditional gift registry. Try out these wedding gift suggestions instead.

You’ve gone to many weddings before and have almost seen it all—the traditional gift registry is hitting its toll, and many couples today opt for personal gift alternatives. If you’re one of the many engaged couples getting married soon, try out these wedding gift alternatives to consider doing instead of a traditional gift registry.

Honeymoon Fund

You don’t want a table runner or candlesticks, and you might not yet have a space for the dining ware your parents gifted you. These gifts are thoughtful, but some couples want something less materialistic to congratulate their big day.

For example, many couples postpone a honeymoon years later because they don’t have the funds for it. Ask your guests to contribute to a honeymoon fund instead of a charcuterie board or dining room set.

Many websites create funds for honeymoon funds, and have automatic goal amounts to accumulate. Let guests in on the information about the trip so that they can gift you something special.

Create a Charity Drive

Many couples have found charities that align with their personal beliefs. Instead of monetary gifts for the bride and groom, ask guests to donate that money to a charity.

Many charities have unique ways to donate besides money. For example, your guests could bring old clothes to the reception for a clothing drive. These contributions will benefit many people in need, and it will be a memorable event for all your guests.

Make a New Home Registry

When discussing a new home registry with friends and family, let them know it isn’t a typical gift registry filled with cookbooks and matching hand towels. Your registry is about buying that dream home you and your special someone have had your eye on for the past year.

Whether it’s to help buy renovation supplies or to add to a down payment, the new home contribution funds will help pay for everything. These funds can pay for new furnishings, remodeled rooms, and more financial freedom to design the home in any way you’d like.

Consider Gift Cards

Gift cards are no longer tiny sentiments; they provide you and your spouse reasons to go to your favorite restaurants or have more financial access to do more things on the honeymoon.

You can let your guests know where you’re going and give them a list of places where they can buy gift cards. They go a long way, and they rarely expire!

A traditional wedding registry is fine, but the best registry is on this list of wedding registry alternatives to do. Get started on that honeymoon fund for your post-wedding trip or request gift cards instead of money. Whatever you choose to do, make the most of it after your big day.

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