Wedding guest dresses, what should you wear to a wedding

wedding guest dresses

If you want to look good at a friends or families wedding day make sure to read this article. First of all before choosing wedding guest dresses make sure you know if the wedding is inside or outside. A beautiful short dress might look great on you but if it’s cold you are not going to be comfortable. Make sure you have a scarf that you can wrap around or to put over your dress if it’s really to cold outside.

wedding guest dresses

Skirt with top

Instead of going for wedding guest dresses you can do something different. For example wear a skirt instead of a dress. You can easily combine a long skirt with a stylish top to create an elegant look. Perfect to wear as a wedding guest!

wedding guest dresses

Maxi dresses

Long maxi dresses are very popular at the moment. In the winter they keep you warm and in the summer a long maxi dress keeps you cool. Choose a romantic color like pink, pastel green or violet. You will  be surprised how elegant a maxi dress will look on you.

wedding guest dresses

Short dresses

If you are not in the mood for a maxi dress choose a short dress instead. Wedding guest dresses don’t need to be long but keep in mind that it should look elegant and feminine but not to sexy. This day the bride is the star and you don’t want to put all the attention on yourself this day. Try a short dress with flower print.



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