Wedding Hair Styles Ideas and Directions

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Wedding days are very special but also very long. When thinking about what wedding hair styles will work best for you, consider what style will last for the long haul.

Several things to consider:

  • Your veil, or tiara must work with the hairstyle you have picked out. Decide which one is more important to you and make the other work around it.
  • For example, if you have a simple veil that attaches with just a comb, you may want to pick an elaborate up-do, and attach the veil below the up-do (shown below). This will feature your beautiful hairstyle, and allow the veil to fit-in unobtrusively.

wedding hair

  • What is the style of your wedding?
  • If it is a formal, black-tie affair, a formal, polished up-do may be the most appropriate.
  • If it is an outdoor, afternoon wedding, a more tousled up-do, or partial up-do may be appropriate.
  • Consider the climate. Is your wedding at a time of year when it may rain all day? If so, a style that stays in place despite the weather will be your best option.
  • Of all the wedding hair styles, we’ve found the barrel curl up-do to be the most durable:


wedding hair

This bridal hair style holds up so well. You will probably find that it is still intact the next morning! But, if you do decide to take your hair down for the honeymoon, you will end up with beautiful, bouncy curls – definitely a wedding day winner!

Materials Needed:

  • 1 Rubber band the shade of your hair color
  • Bobby pins – lots of them
  • Either a high-end hair flat-iron that curls – such as the GHD, or a curling iron with a medium-sized barrel.
  • Optional: Hair jewels, bobby pins that sparkle, veil or tiara

Hair Preparation: If your hair is naturally curly, straighten it first. Make sure the hair is clean and completely dry.

Step #1

Part hair 1-2 inches in from the edge of your hair line around your entire head. Pull the hair in the middle up into a ponytail on the back-side of the crown of your head.

Step #2

Take a 1-2 inch section of hair from the ponytail, and curl it near the base of the ponytail with your curling iron, or your flat-iron. This will shape the hair into the barrel curl.

Step #3

Wrap the curl around your fingers, making sure that the ends of the hair are tucked into the curl. Bobby pin the base of the barrel curl to the hair on your scalp.

Step #4

Work your way clock-wise around the base of the ponytail doing steps 2 and 3 until you have barrel-curled and bobby-pinned all of the hair in the ponytail.

Step #5

Pull up a 1-2 inch section of hair from the hair hanging out of the ponytail. Comb it up so it is smooth and bobby pin this strand under the other barrel curls. (The strand should be bobby-pinned in the middle).

Take the end of the strand and curl it as before and make a barrel curl with your fingers. This time, slip the curl off of your fingers so that it is sideways (slip your fingers out of the curl vertically, instead of horizontally) and bobby pin in place.

Continue to take 1-2 inch sections of hair from the hair you left out of the ponytail, and bobby-pin these sections up into barrel curls – doing steps 2 and 3. Surround the hair in the ponytail with more sideways barrel curls until all hair is pinned up.

Step #6

When you get to your bangs, pull them over to one side and then direct them up into a barrel curl.

Step #7

Mist your head with hairspray and then place your tiara in front of the up-do. If you have a simple veil that attaches with combs, attach the veil behind the barrel curls in the back of your head. Add hair jewels to your bridal hair style all over your head – either on the barrel curls themselves, or on the hair that is taut.

Which style for your part in the big day?

The hairstyle you pick is largely determined by the type of dress you are wearing. Click here for a large selection of beautiful and original bridal, flower girl and Bridesmaid Dresses.

Of course, the most important consideration is, “What looks best on you?” Try out several of the options you like, pick one that looks best on you, and then try the hairdo out a few times before the big day.

Try your hairdo out in several types of weather and wear it all day. See how it holds up and what you need to do to ensure that your style stays in place.

Try these hairstyles:

  • For a sleek, polished look: Try a hair style.
  • If your hair is naturally curly, and you want a sleek, straight pseudo-look, make sure that you use a high end straightening iron such as the GHD. This type of iron will literally “set” your hair’s memory to be straight and will eliminate frizz.
  • After you have straightened your hair, try a simple but elegant chignon that works great with veils and hair accessories.
  • If your hair is naturally straight and you want curls to hold in your hair all day, of course, use hairspray. But better yet, try an up-do so that you can pin the curls in position and prevent them from falling or wilting in any type of weather. Young girls in particular have this problem because of their fine hair. Try a flower girl hair style for an up-do that lasts all day.
  • If you are having a beach wedding, consider the humidity. If your hair frizzes in humidity, try a wavy, romantic wedding hair style.


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