Wedding Maps – A New Way to Find Your Wedding Venue

One of the most important decisions for wedding couples is the wedding venue. The perfect wedding venue fits your ideal budget, your style, and many other factors. Your wedding venue says something about you as a couple and your tastes. Are you a beachy couple, a more boho couple, or a more luxury resort-type couple? As you search for the perfect wedding venue, you have many resources at your disposal, including Google Images, Pinterest, Instagram, Wedding Wire and more. A new website, Wedding Maps, offers a new way to shop for your ideal wedding venue. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of Wedding Maps and show you how it can help with your venue planning.

What is Wedding Maps

Wedding Maps is, first and foremost, a directory of award winning photographers. They manually curate the best photographers from around the world based on their creativity skill, technical mastery, storytelling abilities, client reviews and experience. Then, their photographers upload images into competitions to win awards. Upon upload, these images are tagged with the wedding venues at which they were shot. The team at Wedding Maps then uses these tags to showcase the best images taken at each venue. The result? A curated selection of images from each wedding venue. So as an engaged couple, you can see the potential of each wedding venue. You’ll not only see what each wedding venue looks like, but you’ll discover the creative and artistic opportunities available at each location.

While most other wedding venue finders will show you basic images from each venue, Wedding Maps will show you inspiration that will be useful for your wedding planning, your communication with your wedding vendors and more. This inspiration will help you plan aspects of your wedding day, including your photo and video location choices and the location choices for each of your major events, such as your ceremony, reception, cocktail hour and more.

Shopping for your Wedding Photographer

In addition to helping you find the perfect wedding venue, Wedding Maps will help you find the ideal photographer as well. As mentioned, all photographers listed are manually approved and verified. This means that you can browse their directory of photographers with confidence. This adds an additional layer of assurance to your wedding photographer search.

How to Access and Use Wedding Maps

Wedding Maps is still in its growth stage, and as such, their vendor and venue listings are limited. However, they are adding dozens of venues, photographers, and resources on a daily basis, so many of their features are already live. For more information, visit

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