Wedding Pizza bouquets or a traditional flower bouquet for brides?

Pizza bouquets

The popularity of pizza has by far reached extreme highs, its over the top. Everybody loves pizza. There are pizza emojis, pizza themed parties and cute pizza phone cases, but there were also some other witty ideas out there. Have a seat and prepare for the newest innovation, as we are about to introduce you to something cute and unusual. We are going to talk about pizza bouquets for bride, and yes ladies and gentlemen, this is a real thing.

In favour of pizza bouquets

Many couples are trying to find new, original ways to spice up their special day, and in this case, the spice is getting a little bit literal. Many lovebirds share the love for food and many of them are pizza lovers too and maybe had many pizza dinners and dates before they decided to step on a crazy stone. For ladies who like to be original and are not afraid to mess up their wedding dress with tomatoes, pizza bouquet can be the real thing. It is creative and fun way to make something as traditional as wedding into something playful and unorthodox. So yes, for all the sceptic ladies out there, you can make your bouquets edible, and if that is who you are, just go for it!

In favour of traditional flower bouquets

When we think about weddings, we imagine gracious bride in a white dress, veil or flowers in her hair, and the smell of romance in the air. A flower bouquet has a long history and is one of old school representatives of love and romance. For those who prefer dreamy, fairy tale weddings which follow tradition, flower bouquet is always the best option. It added grace to bride’s elegant gown and makes her look classy and sophisticated. It is all about elegance and romance. This traditional bouquet still doesn’t lack creativity, as brides can pick so many different species flowers that will make their day special.


The wedding is your special day. Your gown, your guests and your bouquet are something only you can pick. What matters is that you always go for what you feel is the most ‘’you’’, so if a pizza bouquet is something you would like to hold on your special day, go ahead and let it be your unique detail on the wedding day. If you like something more traditional, you always know you can turn to your favourite florist. One thing matters – you happiness and your unique expression. Be yourself on your special day, and let your bouquet be as delicious or dreamy and you would like to.

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