Wedding Prep: How To Create the Best Wedding Registry

There’s lots to do to prepare for your wedding, and one of the most important things is making a registry. Learn how to make the best wedding registry now.

There’s so much to do when planning your wedding that it can be hard to keep track. One of the essential things to remember to do is create a wedding registry. This will allow your guests to pick out the perfect gift with no guesswork, and while it does require some work from you and your fiancé at the beginning, it will be worth it in the end. Keep reading to learn how to create the best wedding registry.

Register Early

If you want to be able to send your registry information on your save-the-dates, then you need to start your registry early. The first step is deciding where to register, so discuss wants and needs with your fiancé to narrow the list of stores you’ll register at as much as possible. You don’t want the registry to take up more space on your save-the-date than the actual date information.

Once you have the stores picked, look at everything they offer and register together. This is the first step to combining your lives, so you should be on board with what the other one picks.

Be Specific

Just because you kind of like something doesn’t mean you should put it on your wedding registry. This is especially true when you’re looking to stock your kitchen. There are some kitchen and dining gifts that you’ll definitely need, such as frequently used appliances and cookware sets. But if you know you never bake or will never bother with a blender, don’t register for those things, even if people tell you they’re standard registry items.

If you’re unsure about an item, ask yourself if you’d be okay if you never saw it again. If the idea of missing out on it makes you sad, add it to your registry. If you realize you’re indifferent about it, don’t add it.

Consider Different Price Points

Each guest you’ve invited to your wedding will have a different budget for buying wedding presents. For example, guests in the wedding party may be splitting their money between multiple gifts for your bridal shower and the big day. Keep those varying budgets in mind when you register. Include more affordable items for those who can’t spend as much and larger items that a wealthy relative or group of people can purchase.

For the indecisive givers, include whether you’re accepting gift cards and cash. Some guests may prefer to gift you money, so you have more control over what you get.

Now you know how to create the best wedding registry by registering early, being specific, and considering different price points. Once you get the work out of the way of going to the store and registering for your items, you’ll be able to cross one big thing off your to-do list for the wedding.

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