Wedding Proposals: How to Propose Marriage in A Right Way

If you think the time is ripe for marriage and you believe that the girl with whom you have relations is your ideal party, let’s talk about the proposal. We hope you are not going just come and ask “Do you marry me?” It is the easiest way to propose but it is unlikely the best one. Women are waiting for the proposal during whole their life and, be sure, they will keep this extremely important for them moment in their minds even longer than you can imagine. So, you have to make tremendous efforts to propose marriage in the right way and make it the brightest starting point of your family story.

Keep your intentions in secrecy

It goes without any saying that the proposal should be surprising to your girl. But what about others? When you are in love, you might want to announce the whole world about your happiness but hold it. Think thoroughly whether you indeed need to tell somebody about your plans. While you are thinking, we want to remind you of an ancient proverb “when three know it, all know it”. So, we advise sharing the information only with those persons whose help you need to organize the event. The fewer assistants you will have, the bigger chance to surprise your girl is. 

Make a full-blown event

Proposing is not the time for being minimalist. This moment should be memorable and worth the leading place in the list of memories, you will share with your children and later with your grandchildren. You have no other way except causing a “wow” effect. To succeed in this, think broad going beyond the moment of proposal. Schedule the whole day from the early morning to the late evening. Make the day of the proposal the dream day for your girl. Start with little attention signs like flowers, for example. Then offer to spend an interesting leisure. It could be something you dreamed to do together but had no time or occasion. Be sure, the moment for experiments and bright experience has come.

 Acting this way you will have the opportunity to not only say “I love you” but also demonstrate that life with you will be ideal. Moreover, day together is a good way to control the situation and create a positive emotional ground for the impending proposal moment. Don’t forget about the celebration of her “Yes”. Be sure you know how and where you are going to do this.

Choose exclusive jewelry

An engagement ring is a core element of the proposal. Do not undermine its value by thinking that any one of the rings you opt will be good. The ring should be an embodiment of the overall atmosphere of the proposal moment you try to create.  You need exclusive jewelry for romantic proposal that would be consonant to your love story and highlight the best unique traits of your girl.  It should be a part of the proposal’s conception.

Exclusive jewelry vs exclusive image

The proposal is that unique moment when you take responsibility for your girl’s image. You should care about her having the best make-up, look, and manicure. Believe us, she will never forgive you for proposing in the wrong moment when she is in a home bathrobe, without make-up and hair-do, especially if you film the proposal. So if you want to get “Yes” and stay alive, choose the right moment or create it by yourself by coming up with the reason for her desire to look special.

Write original proposal text

Do not rely on the inspiration of the moment. In the most responsible minute, we tend to forget even own name. What can be said about all the other words and ideas? Write your speech. Try to reveal your feelings originally. Saying “I love you” and “Marry me” is not enough. To impress you should say more. Involve the most intimate nuances like telling about your first impression you have had during your first meeting. Say what you like the most in your honey, accent why she is special for you and why you want to spend the rest of life with your beloved.

Do not be afraid of being yourself, being sensitive and expressive. The proposal moment is a turning point in the life of both. However, the responsibility for making it memorable lays solely on your shoulders. Gather all your creativeness and move forward. We believe in you!

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