Wedding skincare: Botox and fillers for the bride

Are you getting married? Then it is not only important that you prepare yourself mentally for the big day, but also that you prepare your skin well before the wedding. By taking good care of your skin weeks in advance, you will have radiant skin at your wedding!

Planning your wedding

They suddenly stand out very much: wrinkles of laughter and frowns. Especially when you are planning to get married, all eyes are on you. You didn’t find those crow’s feet annoying in the past, but now it is getting a bit too much. Time for a solution.

Botox and filler

Are you considering a cosmetic procedure for the wedding, such as fillers or Botox and do you know a year in advance that you are getting married? Then a year before the wedding is the time to first try such a procedure with a reliable cosmetic doctor. Do you like the result of the lip filler treatment? Then you know that you can repeat the same procedure a few weeks before the big day at the same doctor. Nothing is as bad as when you have Donald Duck lips or a frozen forehead on your wedding photos because you didn’t know how the treatment would turn out. The same goes for a different hair color, false eyelashes and your nails: try this well before the wedding date and see if you like it.

Moreover, the effect of botox is only optimal after two weeks. So choose the date on which you have botox injected well before your wedding. In most cases, you will continue to see the effect of botox for three-quarters of a year, so you are not in a hurry. Give your skin time to develop and shine on your wedding day!

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