Wedding Style Guide: Boho

boho wedding

Being married is one of the most fulfilling experiences, of course, if you find yourself the right partner and learn how to communicate with each other. Yet, when it comes to the wedding itself, most people choose standard weddings, that even though very gorgeous, often lack in imagination and creativity. Now, if you can’t afford to get whisked off to an exotic beach somewhere, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a fun and themed wedding.

Boho weddings are especially beautiful, as they’re very romantic and also relaxed, so if you plan to get married during the warm months, here are some tips that could help you opt for a hippie-inspired boho wedding party:

1. Bride and groom

In case you’re toying with the idea of being a boho bride, we have some good news for you: boho doesn’t require you to be glammed up to the full, instead, you can opt for romantic, flowy and laced dress, and if you’re not the one to suffer while being on heels, there are various sandals and ballet flats that are elegant and also comfortable, so you’ll be able to dance through the night without causing yourself blisters. And when it comes to hair, anything goes really: from your hair being down, to braids and ponytails. Boho is all about celebrating individuality and freedom while looking carefree and happy. Similarly, the groom can opt for interesting fashion choices that don’t require wearing a regular wedding suit: a t-shirt with suspenders, a waistcoat, while also playing with different colors such as blue and green can add a whole new dimension to the way men dress for their big day.

2. The location

boho wedding

When you’re getting married in a Boho-inspired setting, it’s important to make sure that everything’s tastefully decorated, so feel free to experiment with various flower arrangements, preferably from organic vendors. If possible, try to have an outdoor wedding as Boho style goes well with gardens, terraces and generally places that are outside. If you’re into hippie anesthetics, you can even hire a hippie van of the 60s and decorate it so you can take photos with your man and your guests in front of it.

boho wedding

3. Guests

Whenever there’s a wedding mentioned, people expect a formal dress code, which is something you shouldn’t consider, if you want to have a cheerful, Boho wedding, then you can tell your guests to forget about super elegant dresses and suits and opt for something more relaxed. For women, choosing a boho chic Realisation par dress can be a great choice, since these dresses are great for every occasion, including wedding parties. And in order to make your guests look more stylish, you can gift them with floral headpieces or opt to wear it yourself to match your wedding bouquet.

boho wedding

4. Other details

Besides stunning floral headpieces, there are other ways to make your Boho wedding look stylish. For example, you can opt for a naked wedding cake, which can be refreshing compared to regular, overdecorated wedding cakes. Also, it’s best to choose music that’s romantic and sentimental, and if you want your guests to party a bit harder, you can hire a DJ that will play the music you and your guests like. Boho weddings are all about romantic and slightly whimsical atmosphere, but that doesn’t mean that you and your guests shouldn’t have fun in a traditional way.

In conclusion, planning a Boho wedding shouldn’t be hard, but always make sure to take care of all the details before sending out the invitations. Additionally, an outdoor wedding can add more to the atmosphere, so always consider the weather conditions so everyone will be able to enjoy themselves.

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