Wedding style guide: what to wear when you attend a wedding

wedding style guide

Whenever you attend a wedding the first thing that comes to mind is: What am I going to wear? Don’t worry with this wedding style guide you will find out what dress is best to wear for your wedding. First of all if there’s a dress code printed on the wedding invitation that’s great. Usually it’s either white tie or black tie.

When there’s no dress code keep in mind less is more! Don’t overshadow the bride with to much makeup and lots of accessories keep it simple. If you wear a statement necklace don’t wear another bracelet and big earrings. Elegant and chic is best be cautious with to much jewelry. FashionMia has a lot of dresses for bridesmaids and for any woman who is going to attend a wedding. From formal dresses to more casual dresses.

Black tie
A black tie dress code is less formal than a white tie event. You can wear an elegant cocktail or bodycon dress visit here for more cheap bodycon dresses. Usually its better not to go for white since the bride is wearing a white dress. If you want to play it save choose a neutral color like black or beige.


wedding style guide

White tie
A white tie dress code is the strictest dress code. This dress code is also used in formal occasions and galas. Wear a festive long evening dress. The key word is elegant make sure the dress is classy, you can wear long gloves if you need too. You can visit here for more Women’s Dresses Usually when there is a dinner a long dress is a better choice than a short dress with a modest neckline. One last tip for this wedding style guide go for a soft or luxurious fabric. For example lace dresses are great for a wedding, they look feminine and elegant.

wedding style guide


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