Wedding Superstitions and Traditions That Affect Luck

What traditions are you keeping at your wedding? Discover the common wedding superstitions and traditions that affect luck and enhance your blessings.

Are you feeling lucky? There are many historical rituals and cultural beliefs surrounding luck in today’s wedding traditions. Whether you’re looking for blessings of future marriage success or a smooth celebration day, a bit of luck might help you achieve just that. Explore some common wedding superstitions and traditions that affect luck and shape your special day.

Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

Something old, new, borrowed, and blue is a timeless wedding tradition that adds cute details to your special celebration. This age-old tradition derives from English Victorian superstitions.

Something old represents continuity and is an homage to a bride’s family as she leaves them to embark on her next life chapter. Something new symbolizes hope and embraces the future to come. Something borrowed signifies good fortune. The touch of blue encapsulates many meanings, from representing fidelity and purity to warding off the evil eye. Implementing these details gives you luck with each prospect.

Peonies in the Wedding Bouquet

The wedding bouquet plays an important role in weddings. The flowers accessorize your outfit, encapsulate your love, and bring good wishes. The blessings the floral arrangement brings to the wedding depends on the meaning of the flowers in the wedding bouquet.

Peonies bring bountiful luck, especially during the transition process, where your relationship takes on the next chapter. Adding peonies to your bouquet is like carrying a handful of four-leaf clovers—luck in the palm of your hand.

Carrying the Bride Over the Threshold

Avoid evil spirits in your marriage by carrying the bride over the threshold. The threshold in the middle of the doorway is a weak point between realms where others from different worlds can connect to yours. To many people, the threshold is susceptible to evil spirits. Carrying the bride over the threshold has been a long-standing tradition that protects the bride from evil.

Rainy on the Wedding Day

Wedding Superstitions

Many brides and grooms wish for sunshine and blue skies on their wedding day, especially if the celebrations are taking place outdoors. However, in many cultures, rainy wedding days symbolize good luck for the future.

The rain cleanses, allowing the newlyweds to embark on their next adventure free from past anchors and bad luck. Adding rain preparation to your list of things to remember when hosting an outdoor wedding allows you to embrace the wedding rain luck if it comes rolling in, all while staying dry.

If you believe in superstitions, these common wedding traditions might just bring you some extra luck on your big day. Don’t let bad omens or bad luck ruin your special celebration of love. Keep an eye out for and implement these luck-inducing rituals.

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