Weddings on a Budget, Ditching The Designers in Favor of DIY

Weddings have changed with the millennial generation, with many couples looking to drive down wedding costs, shun out dated traditions and add a more individualistic approach to their special day.

A great wedding can be thrown without having to remortgage your home simply to put a down a deposit for a venue. Guests do not have to have a spread of Chilean Seabass or Wagyu beef to be satisfied. Those guests that you think may complain of a more frugal affair, can make it much easier to cut down that attendance list.

The following are tips for those people that want to keep a budget in mind during their big day.

Look Into Affordable Venues Or Think Outside Of The Box

Venues do not have to be fancy 5-Star hotels, resorts or restaurants. Carefully selected decorations, a custom neon wedding sign, or an abundance of fairy lights can make any space look and feel special. There are plenty of affordable venues that can be used especially if you are religious. A wedding in a small church is going to be more intimate, as well as budget-friendly in comparison to holding it at a country club. Outside of the box type ideas could include setting up a wedding at a family member’s property, or even in your own back yard. The beach is another favorite for those that love the water, or a country park for those that love nature.

A sunset wedding, at a surf rescue center can be very cost effective and the backdrop is priceless.

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DIY Décor And Flower Arrangements Can Help You Save Big!

DIY décor, like homemade centerpieces can not only add a personal touch, they can also look spectacular, help save you thousands and give you and your bridal party a lasting memento of the day.

With florists, it’s also worth shopping around. As soon as you mention the “W” word, some vendors feel they have the right to stick a premium on the price. Getting quotes for flowers under the pretense of a different event, such as a conference or ball, will help you identify which florist actually charge based on the floral arrangements and their time, rather than hiking up the price because you mention wedding.

There have been a few investigative ventures done by news outlets to show the gouging that goes along with weddings when compared to other events.

The Entire Family Can Chip In For The Food

Homemade dishes at a wedding can incorporate family favorites than an external caterer just can’t replicate. The guests can marvel over a dish and family recipes can be shared, which is a great conversation starter for families that are unfamiliar with each other. Asking for people to bring a dish instead of a gift can be a great touch. A huge buffet of home cooked rustic dishes is a lovely way of bringing people together. It also prevents you receiving a ton of toasters, tea towels and other household items that you just don’t need.

The other option is that of finding a restaurant that both you and your partner love, to cater the event. Filet mignon and lobster will add up quickly while a nice meal of pulled pork and rolls can hit the spot nicely and at a fraction of the price.

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Wedding Rings Can Be Simple Yet Elegant

The old advice of spending a certain amount of money on a wedding or engagement ring should be ignored. The truth is that the ring itself is not as important as what it symbolizes to the couple. There are plenty of options for couples where they can get beautiful rings without the enormous price tags. Rings that have been in the family for decades can reduce costs as well as have sentimental value. Having the rings made by a local jeweler or even attending a class and creating your own bespoke piece can add a really precious touch to your wedding bands.

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Attire Can Be Affordable And Even CASUAL

For those people considering outdoor wedding during warm weather allowing for more casual dress can be more comfortable for guests as well as the bride and groom. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on a dress when you can look great in a dress that you bought at a local store. The wedding party will also be very thankful for a less formal wedding as purchasing specific clothing can be expensive for them as well. A wedding dress is often times only is worn once so invest money in it like it is only going to be used for a single day.

There is always an option to hire which can keep costs down and even better if you can find something perfect at a local charity shop. You may be surprised at some of the stunning finds that people donate!

The misconception that a wedding has to be expensive is old fashioned with most couples today thinking about life after their wedding. Funds saved on a wedding can be better spent on a home deposit or a once in a lifetime trip.

This generation is changing the way weddings are done, by making them affordable and not a source of conflict during the infancy of a marriage. Couples are feeling less pressured to invite every single member of extended family or parents friends and instead opting for smaller do’s.

Take the time to assess where you can start saving money when planning a wedding, and you will be surprised to see how your overall expenditures can shrink.

The main thing to remember, is the day is about the union of 2 people. Don’t worry about the expectations of others. As long as you have love, honesty and respect the day will be perfect.

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