What Are Various Dress Options for Men During the Festive Season

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Festivals like Dussehra, Diwali are not far away and all your friends have already started their shopping for the festival season. If you are in search of a life partner, then this is the time to get noticed by those, who are looking for prospective groom for their beautiful daughter or granddaughter.

Such festive season comes once in a year and therefore most of the shops have started displaying various men’s wear, so that you can choose the right dress for you. If you do not find time for shopping due to work pressure, then here in this article we are giving you few ideas, so that you can make up your mind what you are going to wear during Dussehra and Diwali festival. In case, you must make last minute decision then visit Nihal Fashions, where you will get varieties to choose from.

Few dress ideas for men Diwali/Dussehra times

All your old dresses that are lying in your closet must have become old and out of fashion now. Usually, kurta for men are the most preferable choice for all seasons. You can wear it with any cotton pyjamas or with jeans too. Many people also prefer to wear dhoti with the kurta. Along with that you may also take few accessories like watch and a pair of lace ups, kolhapuri chappals or loafers as per your choice.

All these dresses can suit throughout the day whether you are participating in pooja or burning crackers or enjoying teen patti card game at night. For any season, kurta for men can be the perfect choice as it is a wonderful blend between contemporary fashion and at the same time gives a traditional look as well.

You can add vest too along with your kurta, which will transform you into an ethnic look and you can look cool and at the same time not too far away from traditional outfit. There are vests of many colours available at the stores of Nihal Fashions, which you can choose based on the colour of the kurta.

Even if you want to continue with your last year’s kurta then buying a vest of the right matching colour can totally change your outlook. You can stand out from others during this Diwali. This can also be your perfect last- minute choice in case you could not find enough time to go for shopping due to your professional commitments.

Though kurta for men can be a perfect choice during festive season, however many of you may not like to come out of your comfort zone and yet prefer to look a bit traditional then buy a pair of casuals along with cotton shirt with loose button. Many of you may prefer to wear kurta with your favourite pair of jeans. Take along with that scarf of contrasting colour and with Kolhapuri chappal you can give an Indo-western look. This outfit can be low-maintenance and can be put on very easily. This can also be your last-minute choice.

Another choice can be a pair of Jodhpuri pants, which will make you much comfortable too. Most people prefer to get it tailor made for them. However, if you cannot wait that long then you can get plenty of them either from online shops or visit Nihal Fashion stores. Along with that pant, you can choose any casual shirt, kurta with closed jacket or a cotton shirt. This can be another out of the box Diwali dressing idea for men.

Have you ever come across designer Gaurav Khanjio’s selection of linen dress materials for men? If you could not get enough time to survey the market for different outfits then go to nearby store and pick up any mix and match as per your own style and preference. By adding a leather juttis or a chappal you can traditionalize your look for Diwali.

Do you like to wear Pathani suit? This can also be another traditional choice and not difficult to find in various stores in the market. Besides local stores, you can also search online shops as well as such kind of dress can fit anybody and you can style as you want. This can also be another last-minute choice for you. If you are confused about colour selection, then opt for black colour Pathani suit, which will give a chilled outlook.

Why not choose some jewellery item for you to totally transform your outlook? If you have chosen any simple outfit, then you can create a drama without overdoing it. So, select a good matching ring for your finger or any thin chain for your neck or a clip on your ear.

Whatever traditional dress that you choose, your dress can not be complete unless you choose right chappals for you. Choose any leather jutti or Sholapuri Chappal, matching with your dress material that you have chosen out of the ideas given above.

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Few dress ideas for winter seasons and wedding parties

Winter is another festive season, where men often look for different dress material either for Christmas eve or for attending any friend or relative’s wedding. Most of wedding dates usually starts from November and lasts till March. Men are usually worried what to wear during wedding events so that he may look little different from other.

Wedding is the perfect time for eligible bachelors to make their presence felt by wearing something special. However, during winter season, it is important that whatever you select should keep you warm without really compromising on style.

During selection of winter dress men usually struggle between two things. First that he wants to look good and the second is that he wants to display his own style. The winter season itself offers a challenge and here we are giving few ideas for both casual as well as formal look in contemporary style.

Most men of any age prefer to wear formal outfit, while attending any marriage ceremony. This can be black or grey coat, which gives perfect casual outlook at wedding reception day. Many people often like to wear black coat and you can prefer to wear waist coat with a matching tie with it. You can select such coat from any of the fashion stores in the market in nearby areas.

Usually, nowadays people often decide a dress code for such parties and you can select your dress based on that code. You must select something unique as well as trendy item. Try different kind of dresses available in various show rooms. You can also choose blazer for you too. Blazers are perfect for such occasions. If you wear cufflinks, then it can add little bit of style. Such kind of accessories are must for the occasion. Choose any matching shoes with your selected dress so that it can perfectly complement with it.

Many people prefer contemporary look while attending a wedding party. It not only makes the look elegant but also reflects the personality as well. Therefore, choose either blue, navy and black suit with a matching tie. Also choose the colour of the shirt so that it can complement the suit that you are wearing. For such kind of dress, the right selection of shoes is very important. Always choose proper leather shoes.

Many people also prefer to wear bow ties, particularly if you are attending a Christian wedding ceremony. However, it can go well in any other wedding parties. Select right kind of bow tie for the occasion so that you may look special for the occasion.

For any Christian wedding ceremony, white formal coat with formal pant can be better choice than anything else. Usually, this will give you a distinct look in the party as nowadays very few people prefer such combination. You can also wear white coloured shirt inside. However, to add colour to this combo, you can add red or pink coloured handkerchief and keep it in your front pocket of the coat. Some people also prefer to wear light brown coloured loafers with such outfit. Such dress can be an excellent idea for any other day to day functions as well.

For attending a friend or relative’s wedding ceremony this outfit can be a perfect choice. It will also blend with any kind of surroundings. You can also try dull green coloured pant and coat with white shirt inside. In this case you may also add a flower on the left side of your coat. This will give an extra amount of elegance to your dress. Make sure that the flower is cute and pretty so that it can offer very appealing look.

For any classy guys this outfit will be perfect if you are very close to the groom or the bride. This will be a three-piece suit preferably of grey colour and perfectly stitched by the best tailor in your city. If you prefer you may choose your suit with lining too, so that you can choose matching handkerchief or shoes. For inside shirt, you can choose white coloured formal shirt. Prefer to include a pair of loafers or oxford shoes with this classic combination so that you can become a favourite among girls in the party.

Combination of black and white is an evergreen choice for men of any age. In this combination, every guy will look awesome and you need not look at the mirror to see how you look. Here all your coat and pant will be black including the shoes, but the formal shirt that you wear inside should be white to make the combination attractive. Choose black oxford shoes for the occasion.

Another classic colour like black or blue coloured three piece can also add an extra special look for the occasion. Even for your own wedding too, you can choose this combination. All your three-piece items must be blue and inside shirt must be pure white. Prefer to choose brown loafers or any oxford shoes so that the combo looks perfectly matching.

Dress selection for men to attend any party

You may have to attend various kinds of parties, that may be professional level or any other gatherings. One can express themselves with their dresses and this a wonderful chance to flaunt your personality. So, we shall discuss about few outfits for separate occasions that can either be a party or any other type of gathering. You must remember that for every occasion you must make right selection of shoes too. Following are few ideas for party dresses –

  • These days, funky clothes have also become quite popular which you can try wearing in any casual party where you are going to enjoy with your group of close friends. There are many choices for funky dresses that you can find in the malls and you can choose one that best suits you.
  • Classy people also prefer to wear expensive but plain shirts with Levis jeans and along with that matching shoes. Prefer light coloured shirt, if the pant colour is dark.
  • Many people also look elegant by wearing a waistcoat and a checked shirt with proper matching combination of colours of your shirt and waist coat. Add a spunky bowtie with this combo.
  • During summer season people prefer to wear jeans with a matching T-shirt while attending any kind of party. The T-shirt must be of superior quality.
  • Again, a combination of black and white like a chessboard can also give a very stylish look in any kind of party. Wear a white shirt and black pant. In case, you have chosen black and white shirt then wear black pant.
  • Wearing all white can be another choice for attending any party. It will be a nice choice for any outdoor party.
  • For winter days, leather jackets can be a very attractive choice to attend any party with friends. You can also wear a sweater and jeans with leather boots.

To buy any kind of dress material for men, you can visit stores of Nihal fashion or prefer to browse through any online stores.



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