What do Different Wedding Dress Colors Symbolize?

What color should be the wedding dress: pure white, sexually red or pale green? Wedding dress color meaning is an interesting thing to know for every bride-to-be.

Striving for originality, brides-to-be often choose wedding dresses of rather unexpected shades, not fully realizing that any color is of great importance and is symbolic. Different color wedding dresses have different meanings, but all of them are attractive and pleasant, especially if a lady chooses one of them according to her individual peculiarities.

Traditional wedding dress color is white. This color symbolizes the purity of the bride and bridegroom. It is preferable for most brides! But modern wedding dress collection now offer dresses in colors other than white.

The Meaning of the Colors of the Wedding Dress

What do the different colors of the wedding dress mean?

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Put on a purple dress for the wedding – create the ground for the true love magic in a couple.

Choosing a yellow wedding dress can lead to a quick marriage breakdown.

Green wedding dress meaning is a great love in the family, but it indicates possible financial difficulties.

If the bride decides to wear a blue dress, she risks that her husband will become indifferent to her and cold in relationships.

Blue wedding dress meaning portends a sincere and honest relationship in the family.

Brown wedding gown does not portend a lasting happy relationship.

If the bride wears an orange dress, in the future the family will be strong and will have a high status in society.

Black wedding dress meaning isn’t positive in its classic understanding. It symbolizes loss and sorrow, but it’s only according to ancient beliefs. Nowadays black color is popular among modern ladies and they have long and happy family life! In modern meaning black color symbolizes stylishness, confidence in your strength and delicate taste.

A pink wedding dress meaning is considered a harbinger of long and tender love. In modern wedding collections, pink is one of the most desirable! All various shades of pink are also popular. Among them are light and dark powdery pink, pearl pink and powdery caramel shades.

The meaning of powder pink wedding dress is romance and femininity.  Powdery pink shades in wedding dresses like pale pink look great and create a kind of aura of innocence. Such wonderful wedding gown with a multi-layered skirt looks very attractively.

Some brides are not sure whether they love a wedding dress in pink, but only before they try such a gown on themselves. And then all the charming of the pastel pink palette is revealed, a certain powderiness changes pink color, adding to in more delicacy. For such a dress, the bridegroom can choose a modern black suit, and the bridesmaids can choose dresses in gray-pink colors. So the colors will harmonize and round each other out. Shoes are better to choose of the same color as the dress, golden shades will also look stylish.

Dress Color by Type of Appearance

wedding dress color

A smart decision is to choose the wedding dress suitable to the bride’s appearance.

Winter-type ladies prefer white, silver or pale pink shades.

The summer type looks great in dresses of greenish, pinkish or milky shades.

The autumn type of women should choose wedding dresses of apricot color or a shade of ivory.

Spring young ladies should focus on richly white, golden gray and apricot tones.

You can believe the signs and meanings of different wedding dresses colors, you can also ignore them. It’s more important for the bride to choose the dress according to her figure, as well as choose the gown that will match her character.

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