What do you wear to a wedding?

Your sister, brother, best friend or son/daughter is getting married, without taking a look in the wardrobe you ask yourself; “What am I wearing?” For such a special occasion, you naturally want to appear in something new and beautiful. Perhaps there is a dress code upon invitation, which can vary from cocktail, tenue de ville, gala, festive, black tie and casual chic. Detailed information and tips about dress codes can be found on our evening dress website. Aside from a dress code, you don’t choose black; after all, the wedding is a joyous occasion. Let the bride be the center of attention and do your best to look beautiful for this festive occasion. You can easily find the most beautiful dresses for the wedding on AWBridal. They offer affordable wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and accessories, along with personalized ceremony decor items.

If the invitation contains a color advice, try to adapt your outfit to this wish. This does not have to be the main color, but in many cases can also be used as an accessory or detail. In general, the bride will wear a white/ivory colored wedding dress. If the bride is wearing a colored dress, also try to find out what color/shade the wedding dress is. Then you can also exclude this specific color. Another question is; are you going for short or long? This depends on the location, type of wedding and time of year. If there is no dress code on the wedding card, dress stylishly and neatly; it looks beautiful in the wedding photos and the bride will certainly appreciate this.

Bridesmaid dresses in different models to combine

In addition to the bride, the bridesmaids occupy an important place, often being her sisters or best friend. What could be more beautiful than the picture where the clothes of the bride and her girls provide each other. There is therefore consultation, planning and laughter in advance. For the bridesmaids, a color is usually indicated for the dresses. Often these are light pastel shades such as pink, blue and cream. While it is cute for the children’s bridesmaids to wear the same dress, this becomes more difficult for the younger ladies. It is better to keep the color tone the same but to vary the model. This allows everyone to shine in a beautiful dress that suits her figure, but you do keep a unity. Check out our collection of bridesmaid dresses for the young ladies.

For the flower girls we have a unique collection of dresses, which are designed and made by our own stylists. The flower girl dresses have a luxurious look that makes them a perfect match with your wedding dress.

Mother of the Bride or Groom, Elegant and Fashionable

For the mothers of the lovers, there is plenty of choice to appear stylish and charming at the wedding. A popular choice are the short evening dresses with a bolero jacket or a beautiful matching stole. With which a chic outfit is created for the day and later can also move freely during the festivities. If the dress code is black-tie or if you would like a long evening dress, you have come to the right place. In addition to the lighter colors, there are also dresses in the royal blue tones or lucky red.

Guests for the wedding, do you choose short or long?

As a guest, you also want to appear as beautiful as possible at a wedding. The choice of dress is usually tailored to the location, season and the desired dress code. The younger ladies will opt for a short evening dress, in which they have the freedom of movement for the party. With these short dresses they can create a festive look in a charming way. If you want to dress more or make your entrance at the party in an elegant way, we have a variety of long prom dresses. For a chic or romantic look, choose a long dress with lace trim. If the wedding is full of dancing, the A-line flared ball gowns might be an option. For a beach or garden location, go for dresses made from a drapey chiffon fabric. If you have a larger size, you can also dress nicely for a wedding. We have a wide range of wedding dresses in stock.

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