What Does The Perfect Wedding Dress Look Like?

Have you started planning for your big day? No doubt you’ve already set the wheels in motion and have a wedding planner taking care of most things. This frees you up to focus on one of the most important tasks; finding the perfect wedding dress!

It’s something no-one else can do for you, and you need to make the right decision. Pick the wrong dress and you will sour the memory of your wedding forever. Thankfully, choosing the best wedding dress for you is much easier than you think. Without further ado, here’s what the perfect dress should look like:


You don’t need something that’s overly elaborate on your big day. It’s tempting to try and buy something extreme – the likes of which you may see in Hollywood weddings. In reality, a crazy dress will detract attention away from you and your partner. Everyone will talk about the dress rather than the big day! Instead, you need something that’s both simple and elegant. It should accentuate your beauty and make you the centre of attention. It shouldn’t be plain, but it needs to exude effortless beauty that gets people to marvel at how great you look while also admiring the dress at the same time.

Fine Details

How do you ensure that a dress is quite simple and yet retains elegance and will turn heads? It’s easy, you choose one that comes with fine details. We’re talking about intricate stitching or patterns or tiny little elements that all come together to create an amazing look. Companies like Allure Bridals are really good at doing things like this and getting all the fine details to pop on your wedding dress. Otherwise, you run the risk of going in the opposite direction and having a dress that just doesn’t suit your big day. Remember, this is a wedding, so you should still wear something that would look out of place in any other setting – and the key is in the details!


If money were no object it would be so easy to find the perfect wedding dress. Unfortunately, you’ve got to realise that dresses can cost lots of money. Be mindful of your budget as you don’t want to overspend on your dress. Yes, it will be a piece of your own history that you will cherish forever. But, be realistic here! You’ll only wear it once in your life. So, don’t sacrifice other elements of your wedding like the reception venue or entertainment for the sake of your dress. The perfect dress won’t blow your entire budget out of the water.

Of course, there are lots of other things to take into account as well. Things like the colour of your dress – do you go traditional and stick to white, or are you feeling adventurous? Depending on the theme of your wedding you may look for a specific style, and so on. But, these three pillars will help you understand the main things to be mindful of during your search for the perfect wedding dress.

Image: Pexels (CC0 License)

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