What Evidence of Marriage Do You Need for a K-3 Visa?

Navigate the complexities of a K-3 visa application in cross-cultural marriages with evidence, including marriage certificates, photos, and more.

Marriage is one of life’s biggest leaps of faith, especially when it involves a cross-cultural relationship. Love and marriage are not always enough to keep a foreign spouse and their US partner together if they don’t pass the K-3 visa application requirements. Navigating the question of what evidence of marriage you need for a K-3 visa can feel overwhelming and confusing, especially with so much on the line.

However, you don’t have to apply for a K-3 visa alone. Immigration attorneys and the paperwork we describe below can both help you and your new spouse apply for the rightful visa so that you can live in wedded bliss.

Marriage Certificate

One of the four tasks to do before getting married, no matter where your partner is from, is to apply for a wedding certificate. Your marriage certificate is the most crucial piece of evidence you need for a K-3 visa. This document proves that you are legally married, and the US government requires that you include it with your visa application. You will need someone to translate it into English if it is not in English already.

Photos Together

Pictures speak a thousand words, and proof of marriage through photographs holds up as evidence. Provide as much photographic evidence as possible to the consular official regarding your wedding ceremony and reception. Even if your professional photos aren’t ready yet, you can use selfies you took at the reception or an amateur video that a friend shot during the ceremony. If you can’t decide what photos to use, consult with an immigration attorney. Getting reliable, applicable visa advice is one of the benefits of hiring an immigration attorney.

Proof of Conversations

Relationships, especially ones as serious as marriage, require conversation. Proof of conversations, such as screenshots of video calls, text logs, or hand-written letters, can act as evidence toward your K-3 visa.

Joint Bank Account Statements

Opening a joint bank account and adding each other as authorized users shows financial documentation of an ongoing relationship. If possible, make the joint bank account in the new last name or the hyphenated last name. While some cultures don’t change or hyphenate last names, this practice is common in the US and can serve as additional proof of your marriage. It also shows that both parties are financially responsible and liable to each other.

Property Ownership

Submit documents showing joint ownership of the property, such as a house or other property lease agreements. Any proof of shared financial arrangements, even minor ones such as utility bills, can help demonstrate the legitimacy of your marriage and your commitment to building a life together in the US.

Marriage is more than a piece of paper, but the US embassy and immigration officials require considerable documentation to prove it is a legal union. This evidence of marriage that you need for a K-3 visa application shows that you have a bona fide relationship. When in doubt, consult with a licensed immigration lawyer to help you navigate the K-3 visa process. Keep in mind that the K-3 visa is only a temporary option, and a green card is the goal.

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