What hair extensions suit best for your wedding

Are you looking for 100% real hair extensions for your wedding? Do you really have no idea which hair extensions suit you best? Are you desperate which choice you should make now, such as a nice extension for a short duration, or do you want to look fantastic for months? Are you afraid that your own hair will break?

In this blog we tell you all the ins and outs about the best choices and we advise you about the safest real human hair extensions methods at the moment.

Weave extensions

We start with weave hair extensions. Weave hair extensions are the perfect way to create a wow look for yourself. Do you want a bunch of shiny long hair? Then a weave is perfect for you!

Weave are mats of hair that are woven, or also sewn to your own hair. Your own hair is braided, also called cornrows. The hair mats are then sewn into your own hair using a needle and yarn.

Weave is suitable for all hair types. It does not matter if your own hair is structured. It is difficult to see that you are wearing a weave, since it is difficult to distinguish with your own hair. A weave will be highly recommended if you like volume and length! Alternatively you can wear a lace closure sew in.

What can I do with a weave?

Weave is placed as a fill for your own hair, but you can also choose to weave your entire head. Filling with a weave: A piece of hair is braided horizontally, also called cornrows. The weave is then sewn onto the cornrow with a needle and thread.

It is also possible to wear a weave in a different way, by attaching the weave with micro rings and your own hair.

Total weave: The entire (own) hair is braided. The weave is then sewn on the cornrows. You will notice that your own hair is no longer visible, only the weave.

It is possible to blow-dry the hair extensions, use the straightener, curl and dye. This way you will always look good, perfect anyway ;-).

How long does the weave last?

This varies with everyone, because the hair growth is different for everyone. Weave stays in place for 2-4 months. We advise you not to let the weave sit too long, because your hair can be damaged by tangling. By tangling it would be a shame to break or break your hair. So consult your stylist on time.

Hair wigs

You may feel that your wig looks more like your own hair if you choose a wig that can tolerate heat. Because although you may not use heated styling devices on standard synthetic wigs, you can use them on glueless lace front wigs made from real (human) hair. There are also synthetic wigs that can tolerate heat. With wigs that tolerate styling with heat, you can create different looks. Changing your appearance from day to day can give your environment the impression that you are naturally styling your own hair. Try experimenting with curlers and rollers to give your wig volume and strokes. The most important condition for all this is: buy the product of the highest quality, if you can afford it.

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