What is the average engagement length for couples?

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting moments in a couple’s relationship. The average engagement length varies from couple to couple, but there are some general trends that can help give you an idea of what to expect. In this article, we’ll take a look at the average engagement length for couples and explore why it can be beneficial to wait longer before tying the knot. We’ll also discuss ways that couples can ensure their relationship stays healthy and strong throughout their engagement period.

The average engagement length by state

The average engagement length can vary greatly depending on the state in which the couple resides. Couples in New York, for example, have an average engagement length of 15 months, while couples in Wyoming have an average engagement length of just over 6 months. The following is a breakdown of the average engagement lengths by state:

New York: 15 months
Wyoming: 6.3 months
Vermont: 12.5 months
South Dakota: 10.9 months
Oregon: 11.4 months
Nevada: 9.1 months
Montana: 8.4 months
Idaho: 7.3 months

As you can see, there is quite a bit of variation in the average engagement length from state to state. However, it is important to keep in mind that these are only averages and that there are many couples who deviate from the norm and have shorter or longer engagements.

The average engagement length by country

The average engagement length for couples varies by country. In the United States, the average engagement is about 13 months, while in Canada it is about 14 months. In the United Kingdom, the average engagement is slightly shorter at 12 months.

Interestingly, there are some countries where the average engagement length is much shorter than 12 or even 13 months. In Mexico, for example, the average engagement is only about 3 months long! This may be due to cultural differences or simply because couples in Mexico tend to marry younger than couples in other countries.

So, what is the average engagement length for couples in your country?

average engagement length

How to know if you’re ready to get engaged

There’s no one answer to this question since every couple is different and will have their own unique timeline. However, there are some key things to consider that can help you decide if you’re ready to get engaged.

First, think about your relationship goals. Are you on the same page about what you both want for the future? If you’re not sure, it may be worth taking some time to figure that out before getting engaged.

Next, take a look at your finances. Can you afford an engagement ring and a wedding? If not, it may be best to wait until you’re in a better financial position.

Finally, ask yourself if you’re truly ready for a lifetime commitment. Getting engaged is a big step and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’re not sure if you’re ready, it’s OK to wait a little longer.


We hope that this article has provided you with valuable information about the average engagement length for couples. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to how long couples should be engaged, it is important to consider your relationship and all of its unique elements when deciding upon the right amount of time for your own engagement. As always, communication is key when making big decisions like these – so make sure to talk to each other and figure out what works best for both of you.

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