What Makes A Winter Wedding So Magical?

winter weddings

Perhaps your schedule for the year pins you down in the colder months of the year, or it’s simply the soonest that you can get married. A Winter wedding might not be as warm and bright as the ever-popular Spring and Summer, but there’s a lot to love about it, still. Here are a few reasons to get excited about a Winter wedding.

winter weddings

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The seasonal decor can be gorgeous

Your wedding is most likely to be indoors, but that doesn’t mean it can be beautiful. Winter wedding decor can make lots of use of crystal, pinecones, snowflakes, and fairy lights that bring a real Winter wonderland aesthetic to your wedding. The sparkling, still feeling of a winter wedding makes it feel downright magical, and could certainly make your wedding one of the more unique ones your guests have ever been to.

Elegant and modest dresses

Some women love a slightly more modest style of wedding dress, one that has a more substantial gown and sleeves, and others love velvet wedding dresses, too. However, these kinds of dresses aren’t as easy to wear in Spring or Summer when they can get too hot. Check out some of the Winter wedding dresses available near you to see the kind of sophisticated and demure style they can offer.

It’s a great time for honeymooning

Sure, a trip to Paris or London might be very frigid indeed, but when it comes to the more tropical parts of the world, then Winter is the perfect time to take a flight. Many of the best Honeymoon destinations in December are in the southern hemisphere, with places like Thailand and the Maldives seeing their best weather throughout the year. However, big cities like New York City and Vienna are absolutely gorgeous in the long twilight of winter evenings, too.

Nothing as inviting as comfort food

The winter is the perfect time to indulge yourself and your guests in hearty dishes for the wedding meal, be it warm soup bowls, quiches, casseroles and the like. Winter wedding desserts can take inspiration from those cozy winter nights, including a s’mores bar, hot chocolate on demand, and even some mulled wine.

You’re more likely to see all of your invited guests

So long as you don’t book your wedding too close to Christmas, it’s likely that the majority of your guests are going to be free for your wedding. If you look at the most popular months to get married, it shouldn’t surprise you to see that Winter months are rarely featured. However, that also means your wedding is much less likely to clash with others. This means not only can your guests come, but your favorite hairdresser, photographer, and venue are all much more likely to be available.

Your options might be reduced due to frigid temperatures and the likelihood of snow, but that doesn’t mean that Winter weddings can’t be diverse and beautiful. Hopefully, the points above convince you of just how magical getting married in December, January or February can be.

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