What Not To Forget for Your Outdoor Wedding

your outdoor wedding

Never forget about the wind and other natural elements that come with an outdoor wedding. Gather all the supplies you can to protect you and your guests.

There’s a lot to like about a perfect outdoor wedding. Love is in the air, and the sun is shining. It almost feels like nothing can go wrong. But that’s exactly when disaster strikes. Don’t let your big day come to ruin because you didn’t prepare. Read about what not to forget for your outdoor wedding and make the day memorable.

Hydration Warriors

An outdoor wedding doesn’t always mean extremely hot weather. It could be a moderately cool day. Regardless of the temperature, guests need to remain hydrated. Never underestimate the amount of bottled water you need.

Stock up on plenty of water because people will need it—especially on hot days with alcohol flowing. The heat of sunny weather is one of the disadvantages of an outdoor wedding, though it’s beneficial visually. Fortunately, you don’t need to let it ruin the occasion. Make sure your guests stay hydrated between drinks so that they don’t get sick or light headed. Aside from having water at the bar, consider stationing buckets near the tables for guests to grab from on their own.

Wind Blockers

An outdoor wedding means wind. Even if the winds are somewhat steady, all it takes is one strong gust for things to go astray. Think about what decorations or small fixtures at your wedding could easily blow away from a slight wind.

Once you’ve created a list of those items, start brainstorming a way to keep them stationary. For example, discarded napkins easily litter the ground. And everyone will probably be having too good of a time to care, but it’s not the greatest look for candid pictures. Purchase napkin holders or containers to keep them on the table and close to the guests when they need them most.

windblockers, your outdoor wedding

Bathroom Savers

Guests need a place to relieve themselves and portable restrooms are a great solution, but don’t forget the benefits of renting a holding tank for your outdoor wedding as well!

Due to the many guests you invite and the number of drinks you serve, the bathrooms will likely become a popular location. Without holding tanks, it’s difficult for portable restrooms to contain all the waste. And then you’ll have a very smelly situation on your hands.

Safety Monitors

No one wants to deal with a medical emergency or any other sort of emergency on their wedding day. But accidents happen that are out of our control. If your outdoor wedding is in a remote location and far from a hospital, you’ll need a first aid kit and a safety monitor.

Make sure one or two people present have CPR and first aid certifications. They’ll be there to help if necessary. Whomever you assign needs to be able to handle whatever potential situation you think is pertinent.

Remembering what not to forget for your outdoor wedding gets you closer to having a perfect day.

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