What Time of Day Is Best To Get Married?

Have you been curious about what time of day is best to get married? We’re going to explore the best times along with factors to consider when deciding.

Are you a recently engaged couple wondering what time of day is best to get married? Maybe you’ve had a specific dream in your head for a long time, but you’re unsure if it’s the best route. We’ll break it down while exploring the other factors to consider when deciding what time is best for your wedding ceremony.

Popular Wedding Times

The most popular times for wedding ceremonies are 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Although sunset and candlelit weddings are becoming increasingly appealing for couples tying the knot, is there an easy way to decide what time of day to hold the wedding ceremony? Should you stick with the go-to or be unique?

How To Choose

Consider a sentimental time for you and your partner. Maybe the time of day you got engaged? What about the time of your first date? Think back on the relationship milestones and see if a time stands out.

Other Factors

The time of year you get married will also dictate what time you can choose. If you want a candlelit ceremony during the winter months, it will be earlier than if you did one in the summer. There are a limited number of daytime hours during the winter and cooler mornings and evenings. A midday ceremony would serve you best during the winter.

Also, consider the practicalities of the time you’d like to choose. You can’t get married in the morning and expect guests to stick around for an elegant dinner unless you provide them with the perfect accommodations. The venue will factor into the timing of your ceremony. Find a wedding venue that will best serve you and your partner’s wedding needs.

Evening weddings are often less expensive than morning weddings since you won’t need to cater to your guests all day. Luckily, there are excellent ways to make a night wedding memorable.

So what time of day is best to get married? There isn’t a wrong time to get married. It’s whatever makes you happy and what you picture for your wedding.

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