What To Do if Your Wedding Venue Doesn’t Handle Trash

All wedding venues are different and offer different services, which may not include handling the trash from your big day. Learn about alternative options, here.

There are many wedding venue options in the world, from local churches to exotic beaches. Each option, and all the unique options in between, offer different services. Some venues are all-inclusive, which generally comes at a higher price tag, while others are bare bones, which generally comes at a lower price tag. No matter where your venue is or how much money you want to spend, there are plenty of creative wedding venue ideas for non-traditional couples.

Once you’ve chosen your venue and you’re aware of the services they do and do not offer, you have to start looking for alternative options for the services they don’t provide. Keep reading to learn what to do if your wedding venue doesn’t handle trash, as good alternatives are available.

wedding venue doesn't handle trash

Ask Your Caterer

If your caterer is separate from your wedding venue, then you can ask them about waste disposal. They may already have procedures in place for dealing with venues that don’t handle waste, which means you’re off the hook. Suppose they must remove their catering waste from the venue and discard it elsewhere In that case, you may be able to ask them to dispose of additional unrelated catering waste, such as tissues from the bridal suite, as long as it’s already in bags. They may charge an additional fee for this extra disposal, or they may tell you that they can’t help. However, it’s always worth asking about.

Hire Waste Professionals

Some caterers won’t or can’t handle the waste. Therefore, you must find someone else who can take care of the trash on your big day. One option is to hire waste professionals, which you can do in two different ways.

The first way to hire waste professionals is to hire people from a local cleaning or waste management company. You may be able to hire them for your entire event, stationing them with rented or bought trash cans throughout your wedding venue. If you can’t hire them for the whole event, you can hire them to clean up and dispose of all trash at the end.

Another way to hire waste professionals is to rent a dumpster for the wedding venue. Fill the dumpster with the trash from your wedding, and then hire a local waste management company to haul the dumpster away. There are different types of waste streams to understand when throwing away trash from a commercial site, like a wedding venue, and these local professionals will have that understanding.

Go Low-Waste

Many are attempting low-waste weddings since these big events tend to generate lots of waste that negatively affects the planet. Going low-waste also means you have less waste to worry about if your venue won’t handle it. Consider using cloth napkins for dinner service, printing information on seeded paper that guests can take home, and donating centerpieces to local charities to save you time and the planet.

You have several creative wedding venue ideas, but what should you do if your wedding venue doesn’t handle trash? Work waste management into your budget as soon as you learn that your venue won’t take care of it. Don’t let this extra expenditure and planning distract you from the joy of your big day or cause any doubts about your chosen venue. You’re doing great.

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