What To Know When Planning Your Dream Beach Wedding

dream beach wedding

Every bride and groom has a dream wedding, and if yours is getting married at the beach, here’s what to know when planning your dream beach wedding!

The dazzling sun, sand between your toes, and the gentle sound of waves—now, this is a dream wedding. There are many factors you should consider and plan for when figuring out your wedding details.

When getting hitched on the beach, you’ll need to think outside the box and plan for surprises. Here’s what to know when planning your dream beach wedding!

Find the Right Time

Do you want to get married when the sun is at its highest point in the sky at noon? Or would you prefer a sunset-themed wedding? Talk with your spouse and figure out which time you want to say your vows.

Remember that the time you choose will affect everything else, like your catering, reception, and entertainment. Some companies only do business during certain hours of the day, so you’ll want to plan around that!

Plan Your Attire

As much as we’d all love to wear a huge Cinderella dress, it may not be feasible on the beach. The sand may already be challenging to walk in, so if your dress is too long, you might trip!

Try wearing a lighter fabric and have your groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and guests do the same. Depending on the time of day your wedding occurs, you’ll want to feel breezy and confident in what you’re wearing.

Secure Permits

You’ll need to decide if you’re getting married on a private or public beach. If you choose to wed on a public beach, you can cut costs. But it may be difficult to control nosy onlookers or photobombers.

If you marry on a private beach, you’ll have a relaxing wedding all to yourself, but it may be more expensive and require a permit. Be sure to consider nearby facilities, like an accessible bathroom, kitchen for catering, and more.

When choosing which beach you want to get married on, be sure to consider your guests as well. Are children or seniors attending? Make sure you’re in a spot that everyone can get to easily either by car or walking!

dream beach wedding

Have a Backup Plan

When you tie the knot at a beach, you’re at the will of the weather. Be sure to prepare by looking at dates in fall or spring to ensure you have the best chance of a rain-free wedding!

But what if the weather isn’t what you’d hoped? It’s best to have a plan B ready to go just in case the weather goes south, so you have a place to go.

DIY Your Décor

One of the best things about beach weddings is making your décor and accessories! A beach wedding is already unique, but your big day will be something to remember when you add your own touch to it with DIY items.

When looking for entertainment ideas, you’ll want to consider what can work on a beach rather than a banquet hall. Try following these tips and tricks for a DIY photo booth to have fun with your guests and make your day even more special!

Now that you understand what to know when planning your dream beach wedding, your guests will be so excited to attend your ceremony and watch your love blossom under the sun!

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