What to wear to a wedding?

What to wear to a wedding? You asked that question almost immediately after the invitation for the wedding was on the doormat. The bad news: no wedding is the same and so there are no clear rules. Does one wedding couple think it’s fine if you come to party in dressed jeans, black romper, or casual outfit another couple prefers to see the guests in cocktail dresses or gowns. And in between, many other variations are possible! So if you want to answer the question for yourself what you wear to a wedding, first try to place yourself in the bridal couple. And do not hesitate to ask them about their wishes. To help you a little further, we list a number of do’s and don’ts that are generally accepted for wearing clothes at a wedding.

No white

Do not wear white. Surely the rule of the rules for a wedding. Today it’s all about the bride (okay, and a bit about the groom), so you don’t dress in the same color or a color that comes close to this. So no, no off-white, cream or vanilla either. All shades of white are out of the question.

Vibrant colors

Choose vibrant colors. Of course gray or nude can be very beautiful, but only if that looks good with your skin color. Or when you wear two piece sets with accessories or shoes in a contrasting tone that creates a festive effect. A wedding is a party and what you wear must underline that feeling. It becomes romantic when you choose pastel tones, just as sweet as love!

Rich fabrics and materials

Wear beautiful fabrics and rich materials. A nice jersey dress is nice on weekdays, but at a wedding it’s really a no go. On a wedding day you opt for exclusivity and rich materials. Think of silk, satin, crepe, lace and chiffon. You can leave that cotton shirt at home, just like the sweat blazer or the linen skirt that creases quickly. Do you have to leave a little on the budget? There are numerous imitation fabrics to be found for the above materials. But be critical, because even though they look great on the hanger, what will it be like if you sat on your dress during dinner?

Dress lady like

Not too short, too tight or too exposed. Dress like a lady! A dress or skirt just above the knee is appropriate. Translucent tops are out of the question. Covered shoulders are appropriate for the town hall and the church. So if you have strapless, make sure you have a cardigan, bolero or jacket. During the festive evening, it can and may, of course, be a bit extra inverted, but during the day you don’t have to go completely crazy. This also applies to makeup. Save your smokey eyes for the evening.

Statement jewelry and styled hair

Fashionable and festive are striking jewelry. They are perfectly suited to wear at a wedding. Think of such a large colorful necklace or large earrings. And match your bag or clutch in terms of color with your jewelry. If you don’t have time to do your hair you can choose one of these wigs for an instant elegant appeal. Now you are ready for the wedding!

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