When He Says He Misses You: What He Really Means

he misses you

As a designated single friend/ emotional support/ shoulder to cry on, I would often hear from my friends, who just recovered from a breakup, those spirit-breaking words. “He said he misses me.”

And, I must admit, those words from someone you love can hold so much meaning. And while they may not be the most powerful ones you can hear from another person, they are certainly common in a relationship.

But do guys really mean it, or are they just mentioning it because they recognize it’s what you want them to say?

If you’re curious to know whether he really meant it, this article is just for you.

What Does It Mean When He Says He Misses You

According to Love Factually coach and author Dr. Duana Welch,

“Usually, when a man says he misses you, he means exactly that: he is thinking about you and wishing the two of you were together. But missing you likely means other things as well. The meaning beyond that could be anything from ‘I am falling in love with you’ to ‘I want sex.’ In other words, don’t take those three little words—“I miss you”—to mean anything about a deeper attachment unless he’s expressed that, too. Actions truly speak louder than words. Does he show you he’s always thinking of you? If so, you’re a priority rather than just an option—and ‘I miss you’ may be leading to love.”

Missing someone demonstrates just how significant they are in one’s life, regardless of whether they’re in a serious marriage, a romantic beginning, or have only met a few times. So, if a man tells you he misses you, he’s probably on emotional ups and downs.

You could also be missing someone who you don’t love or even enjoy hanging out with.

So, if a guy says he misses you, it does not necessarily mean something deep. But don’t you worry just yet.

Why Would a Guy Say He Misses You

It might be easier to miss someone and keep it to yourself. Hence why would he want to express how he feels when you’re not around?

Whenever a guy misses you and goes on to tell you how much he misses you, it could mean that he has genuine feelings for you but isn’t ready to let himself catch the sentiments just yet. So, when a guy says he misses you, he’s letting you know that he thinks of you when you’re not around and remembers times spent with you. And he’s probably hoping you share his feelings.

he misses you

5 Proven Strategies On How to Tell If a Guy Really Misses You

There are always more simple ways for people to express their adoration for each other. So, to help you gain a clear understanding of your connection and recognize the hints, here’s a list of signs that a guy is really missing you.

1.      He tells you straight up

Yes, I know, that’s why you’re here in the first place. But we all know that this is one of the most difficult things for a man to do. Admit his feelings. However, if he expresses to you straightforwardly that he misses you, it is the strongest evidence that he has been falling in love with you. If you miss him as well, try telling him to see if you’re on the same page.

2.      He texts you when drinking

To some introverts, alcohol might seem like the only thing to make them brave enough to express their feelings, so maybe that’s your case.

3.      He has been texting you frequently

If you’ve been getting messages from him daily, it’s one of the obvious signs he really misses you. Regardless of how ordinary or spontaneous those texts are, they demonstrate that he is frequently thinking about you.

4.      He sets up a date to see you

If he goes out of his way to see you and gets excited when he meets you, it is a sure sign that he’s been missing you.

He may even offer to go food shopping with you or participate in other activities just to see you.

5.      He remembers small things

Does he keep in mind all of your special days, life experiences, and even the smallest details like your favorite candy flavor? If yes, there’s no doubt that he misses you for real.

5 signs that show his true feelings when he says “I miss you”

1.      He throws it at you in the heat of the moment

It’s not something that he prepares for and then ends up making a big deal of or something he expects you to react to. Instead, everything just unfolds at the moment, when you’re spending free time together or, contrarily, when you’ve been separated.

2.      He always mentions you to his friends and family

Regardless of whether you share friends with him or not, his friends will show you some signs that he really misses you.

If his relatives or close add you on social media or reach out to say anything, he’s probably talking about you a lot.

3.      He asks for pictures

He genuinely wants you to send a picture of what you’re doing right now. Whether you’re out with your best friend, enjoying a good read at home, or trying to catch up at your job. He’d like to see your face. A guy who truly misses you will be delighted to see even a quick Snapchat photo of you.

4.      He’s curious about your life

If the guy goes further than the standard questions, it’s because he misses you and wants to know everything about the things you’ve been up to.

When he devotes himself to caring and thinking about you when you aren’t around each other, it is a sign that he really likes you.

5.      Your intuition feels he’s the right one

If you sincerely believe him when he says he misses you, it might be because he truly does.


When a guy says he misses you, it’s easy to lose your head while listening to those sentences. Some guys could contact you out of loneliness, while others may call you on a regular basis because they care about you. Nevertheless, if he’s displaying these signs, he’s serious  about it, so now it’s your turn to express your feelings.

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