Why a videographer is essential at your wedding!

Arranging a wedding can be quite a task. The location, the catering, the dress, photographer. But why do so many people choose a Wedding Videographer and what are the benefits and, above all, the possibilities of wedding videography? I answer these questions for you in this blog. So read on quickly!

Moving image of your wedding

The reason why a wedding videographer is essential at your wedding is because of moving images. The dance is recorded, you say yes to each other, all in smooth images and in beautiful quality. Look, photos are beautiful and it is a huge addition to your wedding, but moving images come closer to reality. The moving image is also played with, among other things, slow-motion and different perspectives. So moving images offer a great advantage to optimally relive your wedding.

Speaking words

Just imagine your wedding: During the vows you tell each other how you will walk together in life and during the speech of your half-drunk uncle you burst out laughing. These moments are even more fun to relive through sound. You hear the voices and the screeching laughter again.

Music for your wedding film

Music also plays a major role. The start of the day is often a bit quieter and more intimate, a romantic soft song fits perfectly with these moments. So that when you listen you experience the goosebumps on your arms again. During dinner and the party everyone is a bit loose and a faster song fits in perfectly with the images. Voices, music or laughter. Sound provides 50% of our total experience. That’s why a videographer is indispensable at your wedding!

The third eye

You both experienced the wedding in your own unique way, each from your own perspective. Just imagine how you stood there together, kissing each other and how happy everyone was at the wedding. A videographer is the 3rd eye of your wedding. Experience everything again but this time from a different perspective. A videographer offers the opportunity to experience your wedding in a unique way. This way you can revisit moments that you may not have experienced and still enjoy them.

Your wedding completely captured

Where a photographer can only take snapshots, wedding videography offers the opportunity to capture moments in their entirety. Think of the speeches or vows you give to each other. How nice would it be to hear that special speech from your husband or wife again? These moments are captured in their entirety and later incorporated into your wedding film in short or longer fragments.

Photo credit: www.voirvideos.com

Your wedding film is easy to share

How nice would it be to share your wedding film with your family or friends in an easy way? A little sneak-peak of your wedding day! Not only can you relive the wedding yourself, but you can also share it with your friends or family. This way, those who are not present can still experience the wedding and get an idea of your wedding. You send a hidden link and voilà you’re done!

Quickly review your wedding

In addition, you can watch a film more quickly. Plop down on the couch and enjoy your wedding day in 6 or 7 minutes. Add a bowl of popcorn and enjoy! Download the film on your phone and you will have your wedding in your pocket forever. This way you can easily show and relive your wedding day. Even if you are at work or celebrating a birthday.

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