Why Couples Don’t Rely on Their Wedding Day for Bride and Groom Photos

Your wedding day is one of the most emotional and strangely busy days of your life. This is the moment you can join with your partner to declare your love for one another and yet between speeches, cake cutting and working your way around all your guests, there isn’t a lot of time to capture the perfect photo of the two of you.

While your wedding album will certainly provide you with lasting memories of your special day, capturing your love for each other in a more private and personal way is much easier after your wedding. And, when there is nothing stopping you from donning your dress and suit and traveling to the ideal location after your wedding, why would you not?

Choose Your Ideal Location

When you are planning a wedding, the location is a serious issue. You need to find somewhere that suits you as a couple and fills you with joy but you also need to make sure that your guests can get there fairly easily and it won’t cost a fortune!

All of these constraints completely lift when you are simply looking for a great location for taking photos. While Rome might have been out of the question before, the two of you can still go to get the pictures you want. Incidentally, if Rome is hot on your list, andreamatone.com is a great photographer specializing in wedding and engagement pictures.

Capture Greater Intimacy

Inviting lots of people to celebrate your wedding is a wonderful way to share your love with your family and friends but it’s not the most intimate environment when it comes to taking photos. While group shots and more formal photos are fine, if you are looking for something that says more about you as a couple, you would do better to take some more intimate photos later on.

Think carefully about what you would like your photographer to capture and how you might achieve this. Intimacy means different things to different people and cuddling up on the sofa together can be just as meaningful as gazing into each other’s eyes while naked. This is your photo!

Have Fun!

Photo booths have brought a new level of fun to wedding photos but they are still fairly limited to the accessories you can get hold of and the backdrop you have access to. Capturing more fun couples photos is usually easiest when you are feeling totally natural and comfortable.

Having some separate couples photos gives you the opportunity to take some more fun pictures. Pull silly faces, try different poses and don’t hold back. Having a set of fun couples photos is a great way to share the joy and start your married life with an afternoon of mischief.

Your wedding day already has enough going on without the pressure of taking photos. Giving yourself that extra time and planning is the ideal way to capture your love without feeling rushed. And now that the pressure is off, you can let your hair down and enjoy the party!

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