Why do you need your own microneedling device?

Microneedling pen is a device that is now one of the popular options when it comes to skincare for every skin types. It is especially useful for people who are not satisfied with the usual daily treatments, such as careful cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating or applying skin care creams or even the use of professional facial cleansing at a beautician. Unfortunately, some skin concerns require more decisive steps. One of the popular skin treatments is micro needling.

  1. Microneedling treatment – how does it work?
  2. Where can you buy the best microneedling devices?
  3. Are microneedling treatments dangerous for your skin?

But what really is collagen induction therapy and does it really work? Let’s try to find out.

Microneedling treatment – how does it work?

Microneedling procedure uses the body’s natural healing process to give the opportunity to get rid of a variety of skin conditions. The entire process involves puncturing the skin with small needles and creating micro injuries and adding active ingredients onto the skin. As a result of this needle puncture, the production of collagen and elastin is increased, allowing the skin to be smoothed and generally improved. One should also not forget such benefits of using a microneedling device as getting rid of acne scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, increasing hair density and stopping hair loss, radiant skin, and anti-aging effect. Professional microneedle treatment is a great option to make your skin surface look better.

Where can you buy the best microneedling devices?

To achieve truly healthy skin it is essential to use the best of the available microneedling pens. You can find them, for example, on Dr Pen real website. These products are suitable for both medical practitioners and individuals. Professional microneedling devices from Doctor Pen USA means excellent customization of the tool, the ability to choose from a variety of models and maximum focus on the skin problems to be solved. With Derma Pen devices, you can carry out the microneedling process in the best and easiest way and take care of the condition of your skin in every possible need. Skin pen microneedling from Doctor Pen USA is really worth it.

Are microneedling treatments dangerous for your skin?

Microneedling is considered a minimally invasive procedure. It is safe, carries little risk and usually does not cause pain either. It is worth noting that, when performed in an appropriate manner, micro needling procedure causes micro injuries that do not cause scars or involve lacerations. Immediately after the procedure, for example, swelling may occur, as the outer layer of the skin is heavily affected. Such minor inconveniences, however, quickly disappear, leaving the effect of facial rejuvenation. DermaPen microneedling device is definitely a solution that everyone should try on themselves.

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