Why every bride should have a wedding website

In the months before getting married creating a wedding website is a great way to collect photos, fun facts and useful information for your wedding guests. Making a wedding site is not only practical, but also fun to do. If you wonder if it’s really a good idea to create a wedding website read on.

1. You can put a lot of information on a wedding site

You can only spend a limited amount of information on a wedding invitations. Do you really want to say more to the guests? Then a wedding site is the ideal solution. Here you can place as much information as you want. Especially when you organize a wedding weekend or a wedding abroad this is a must have.

2. It saves a lot of money

If you need to budget your wedding wedding websites for free is a great solution. You can make your wedding website in any of the 180+ colors in the Basic Invite palette to create a site that is uniquely you. Unlike many free wedding websites providers, you will not find any restriction or paid features. You have full access to every feature with no worry about being charged or having ads on your website.

wedding website

3. Lot of free perks

You can enjoy a lot of free perks such as the free addressing service to create beautiful envelopes instantly. You can create printed place cards with your guest names meal choices and more in the same style as your website.

4. Share maps and travel easy online

A website comes in handy when you share travel details, directions, hotel options and maps. How convenient is it for your guests to be able to look up the location and directions instantly.

5. Share your story

There is enough space to share your unique love story and make the site as personal as possible with engagement and wedding photos to help your guests to get to know you as a couple or to look back after the wedding. You can also include links to as many wedding registries as you like that will be displayed on your wedding website.

6. You know immediately how many guests you can expect at the wedding

On a wedding site you can let the guests know with a simple RSVP button whether they come to your wedding and with how many. That way you immediately know how many guests will come.

wedding site

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