Why is it Important to Wear Sports Bras During The Workout

The most important reason to wear a sports bra during a workout is to avoid the bouncing effect. You would be surprised if I said, that there are in fact a lot of other factors that come into the picture if you avoid wearing a sports bra. As the name suggests, a sports bra is meant to be worn during sports/physical activities. 

Most of the women with small bust assume that a sports bra would do no good for them during a workout. But the lesser-known fact is, no matter what size breasts you have, a sports bra is simply a must-have for your workout. Believe me, working out without any bra at all can have devastating consequences on your breasts and body as well. If you are still not convinced, keep on reading to find out more. 

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  • Beware of Sagging Breasts

Yes! You read that right! If you don’t wear a sports bra and continue to work out then there’s a pretty good chance of having sagging breasts in no time. With repeated exercise with no bra, sagging breasts are one of the long-term consequences.

Basically, when your body bounces back and forth during physical activity, the bust tissues, which are mainly fats and fluids, move in all directions to stretch this natural support. This moment of fats and fluids in your bust tends to sag and deform your actual bust shape resulting in sagging breasts.

  • Gives Support 

Another reason to wear a sports bra during a workout is to have better support. While you work out, your body tends to move and stretch in different directions. Wearing a sports bra can actually help your breasts stay in place making sure you complete your workout without any discomfort. 

Besides, lack of support for the bust can lead to back pain and discomfort including tissue damage and also causes stretch marks. 

  • Boost Confidence 

The right motivation to workout somehow comes from your workout gear. Talking about workout gear, a sports bra plays a major role. Studies have shown that, with the right workout gear, a boost in adrenaline level has been observed making the wearer feel motivated and confident. 

 Just like a pair of sexy shoes can help in boosting confidence in a person, the same way a well-fitted sports bra boosts confidence to workout. 

Source: Clovia
  • Health Complications

Other than sagging breasts and bouncing bust, there are far worse health complications a woman can experience for not wearing a sports bra. If we talk about anatomy, each breast is considered as an independent external organ that is connected to the body only by skin and some ligaments. If you don’t wear a bra during a workout, you might experience discomfort within the bust. This discomfort further turns into severe pain which can spread to the shoulders and upper back.

Well, if you finally are convinced to wear a sports bra during a workout, then you need a little more knowledge about which sports bra to choose. Firstly, make sure you find your perfect fit, too loose or too fit sports bra can ruin your workout session. 

Secondly, sports bras are basically categorised based on the impact level. There are low impact, medium impact, and high impact sports bras. Choose a sports bra that matches with the type of activity you tend to do for better comfort and support. 

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