Why is Yellow Sapphire So Expensive?

yellow sapphires

Yellow sapphires are believed to promote wisdom and clarity, making them perfect for anyone seeking to expand their thinking process. Furthermore, yellow sapphires may bring wealth and good luck as wearers of these gems wear them; their prices depend on color and carat weight just like diamonds do, yet unlike their clarity grades.

1. It’s  a Natural Gemstone

Yellow Sapphire is a beautiful natural corundum gem known for its vivid lemon-yellow color. This gem’s composition also contains trace amounts of iron and titanium that give its signature hue.

Vedic astrology associates the gemstone with Jupiter, representing knowledge, clarity, and expansion. As one of the nine precious Navratna stones, it can bring wealth, happiness, and good health.

Yellow sapphires can be heat treated to improve their clarity and enhance their beauty, making them perfect for rings or jewelry. Their hardiness also makes them great investments; since different cuts of yellow sapphire are available, it’s essential to select one with maximum light return; an experienced cutter should choose an optimal cut shape while considering value as part of his process.

2. It’s a Vedic Gemstone

Yellow Sapphire is one of the most potent Vedic gemstones. Associated with Jupiter in Vedic astrology, it can bring wealth, good health, fame and success to its wearer. Before purchasing one for yourself it is wise to consult a qualified astrologer in order to ensure it fits with your horoscope and fits perfectly.

Yellow sapphires typically have fewer inclusions than their blue, pink or padparadscha counterparts and therefore meet higher clarity standards in Jyotish (Vedic astrology). Light “feathers,” such as streaks of rutile silk within the gem are permitted but cracks should be avoided.

3. It’s a Rare Gemstone

Yellow sapphires of exceptional quality are rare. Their value depends on several factors including color, clarity, carat weight and cut; as well as where they were mined from.

Color matters; when selecting a yellow sapphire it should have an intense and rich yellow hue, and should avoid shades that lean too green or orange. Furthermore, its surface should be free from obvious inclusions that become apparent under magnification.

Clarity-wise, an ideal yellow sapphire for Jyotish use should be as close to perfect as possible; without milkiness or cracks; however, minor rutile silk streaks can still be acceptable provided they do not interfere with visibility.

4. It’s a Unique Gemstone

Yellow Sapphires are stunning gemstones that make exquisite pieces of jewelry, from silver to gold. Yellow gemstones make a striking statement and add some flair to their ensemble, adding light and bright hues that go well with more vibrant outfits.For more do check: Yellow Sapphire price

Yellow sapphires have long been recognized for their soothing effects on wearers, helping with stress and anger management, career success and improved health. Astrological practitioners often utilize yellow sapphires in their practice because they bring Jupiter’s influence – wisdom and judgment – into your life.

5. It’s a Gemstone for Marriage

Yellow Sapphire is an ideal gemstone to assist couples in getting married and clearing away any obstacles in the way of doing so. Furthermore, its presence brings peace and happiness between partners while increasing confidence levels and strengthening intelligence – something especially helpful for students who find studying difficult.

Due to its association with Jupiter or Guru, this gemstone can bring good luck for anyone involved in education such as teachers and scholars. Furthermore, it brings luck for businesses related to dairy items, beauty products and ancient items; writers as well as artistic businesses will find great benefit from using this gemstone; it balances Vishudha chakra for better communication and expression skills.

yellow sapphires

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