Why Laser Engraved Wedding Invitations Are Trending

Why are laser engraved wedding invitations trending? This question is a fun one to answer. Read on to understand the answer to this question plus more.

Brides know that they only get one chance to make a lasting impression with their wedding invitations. They want something that will create a lovely reaction from guests. We’re going to explore why laser engraved wedding invitations are trending and take a look at the different types of engraving materials. Follow along to expand your understanding of wedding invitations.

laser engraved wedding invitations

Why Are They Trending?

Laser engraved wedding invitations are trending because they’re unique, versatile, and gorgeous. We often think of laser engraving on wood and paper, but many other options are available for the lovely couple to choose from.

Paper Engraved Invitations

There are endless options when it comes to paper engraved invitations. These invites are timeless, easy, and inexpensive. They’re the traditional medium for wedding invites. If you’re getting married soon, you can’t go wrong with paper engraved wedding invitations.

Cork Engraved Invitations

Are you looking for an alternative to paper invitations? Cork engraved invites are what you need! They’re lightweight, which means you’ll save money on postage, and they’re unique. Cork invitations are perfect for a garden or country wedding.

Solid Wood-Engraved Invitations

Another fantastic alternative to paper is the wood-engraved invite. These invites are versatile invitations that you can tailor to fit your décor. Solid wood-engraved invitations will best fit a boho or rustic-chic wedding. These invites can also be lightweight, depending on which wood you choose.

Mirror Engraved Invitations

If you’re searching for a unique wedding invitation that will stand out among the rest, the mirror engraved invite is the one for you. It’s relatively new to the wedding community. Prepare to wow your guests with these classy, chic invitations that they’ll be eager to save for years to come.

Mirror engraved invitations are expensive, but can you put a price tag on beauty? Use this invite if you’re having a black-tie affair or a glamor theme for your wedding.

Acrylic Engraved Invitations

Acrylic engraved invites are another new laser cutting trend to hit wedding invitations. The transparent background makes them appear modern and extremely classy. Your guests will appreciate these invites for a modern, minimal, or destination wedding.

Leather Engraved Invitations

Leather is a completely unexpected material to use for a wedding invitation. If you’re attempting to leave your guests speechless, this invite is the one to choose. They’ll want to keep these invites forever.

With any of these gorgeous invites, ensure you hire a credible and reliable laser cutting and engraving service. The company will get the job done right so that you don’t have to worry about your invitations.

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