Why Marrying in Mykonos Will Be the Best Decision You’ve Ever Made

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A marriage proposal is a very special and romantic time in your life. There is that period after it happens when you have the great joy of sharing the news with all your friends and family, and nothing but love and happiness fills your day. Then comes the wedding planning, which tends to throw couples for a loop. Not only is it expensive, but it’s also incredibly stressful and time-consuming. Before you know it, planning your wedding starts to feel like a part-time job.

So why put yourself through that stress? Why not keep that carefree vibe you had going when you first engaged? Destination weddings can take away all the hassle of wedding planning and turn what is usually a day filled with stress into something that is lovely, beautiful, and carefree.

Now, as far as destinations go, it’s hard to beat what Mykonos has to offer couples. A wedding in Mykonos will easily turn into the best decision you’ve ever made.

Turn Your Wedding Into a Luxury Vacation

Rather than just celebrating your union on that one day that you get married, wouldn’t it be great if you could keep the celebrations gong? That’s exactly what Mykonos weddings allow. Because you are tying a holiday in with the wedding itself, it becomes more of an experience than just one day.

In order to make your wedding that much more special, you can look into the luxury villas Greece is so well-known for. Here in Mykonos, BlueVillas is the place to go for all your luxury accommodation needs. To top it off, BlueVillas excels in helping couples to have the most special moment of their lives and also offers wedding services.

Their concierge will meet you right at the airport to usher you to your luxury villa. You can enjoy all kinds of local activities and sightseeing before and after the wedding, while the Blue Villas team makes sure your wedding is just perfect. They look after such things as the wedding favours, decorations, wedding cake, flowers, and photographer; just about everything.

A Destination Wedding Often Draws a Crowd

While you may think that having a destination wedding would prevent a lot of your guests from being able to attend, many couples find the exact opposite to be true. Your friends and family will look at your wedding as their own excuse to get away and enjoy a much-deserved vacation while of course celebrating the two of you.

Popular for Good Reason

When it comes to weddings in Greece, Mykonos is one of the most popular islands to host couples. You get all the culture you have been dreaming of when you think of Greece, but with a small quaint village feel. Should you wish to visit Athens, it’s not that far at all. You can even set up an organised day-trip with your entire wedding party and guest list and head there together.

Of course, there is more than neighbouring Athens to take in. Mykonos is packed full of its share of beaches, restaurants serving up the local cuisine, shopping, and is also known for its vibrant evening scene. You’ll never find yourself bored or at a loss of sights and places to visit and experience. Some of the top sights to visit on the island include Paradise Beach, The Windmills, Paraportiani Church, Little Venice, and the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos.

An Experience Everyone Will Remember

If you are looking for a way to cut through all the wedding planning hassle and drama, then planning a destination wedding in Mykonos is definitely the way to go.

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