Why Vera Wang is the most popular wedding dress designer

vera wang, wedding dress designer

From Kim Kardashian’s and Alicia Keys wedding gowns to less known brides across the globe, one woman’s creations have stunned the world and made many wedding days memorable. Yes, we have all heard of her, as her design earns a high reputation for its quality and sophistication. We are talking, of course, about fabulous, creative – Vera Wang.

vera wang

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Vera Wang fairy tale wedding

In the fashion industry, she deserves a grandiose applause. She is modern, plays with different shades of colours and is confident in her vision. She, above all, respects women and believes every woman deserves a dress which will follow her body language. This wonderful woman, who designed her own stunning wedding dress, worked as a design director for Ralph Lauren and later opened her own bridal boutique, with years of experience, created so many fashion masterpieces and dream wedding dresses. Being the best wedding dress designer as she is, Vera Wang understands how important it is to understand a woman and create a unique and unforgettable dress, perfect just for her wedding fairy tale.


Handmade luxurious wedding dresses

She combines modern wedding design with tradition, making all the dresses absolutely stunning and unique. With Vera Wang’s design, you will definitely have a wedding from a Hollywood movie. Well, at least, your dress will definitely be like a luxurious Hollywood-star wedding dress. Vera Wang, a design goddess as she is, creates her dresses with so much passion and dedication. What is the most amazing thing about this wedding dress designer is that she makes dresses not only for celebrities but also for us, ordinary ladies and our budgets, so we too can shine in our most wonderful moment.

We love her because she is not afraid to play with fine shades of colours or even dip her entire collection in tea just to get that perfect colour she imagined to create the most stunning wedding dresses of the season. She plays with details, and her dresses are all handmade so every single dress is just yours and completely unique. She plays with textures and details with so much passion.


Red carpet effect

She is inspiring in her dedication to work, how she approaches wedding dress designing, paying attention to every little detail and in her dedication to making every woman feel special in her one of a kind dress. She believes every woman can shine. She makes sure every dress is perfect for the wedding day and designed to make every lady look and feel beautiful. Not only that, but her collections always follow the idea that body must feel comfortable in the most amazing combination of modern textures made by creative Vera. Patterns and lace, variety of colours, the quality of fabrics, different textures, uniqueness and last but not the least, wedding dresses for every woman, from those who walk on the red carpet, to ladies on the budget. How not to love Vera Wang’s design?

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