Why wear stockings under your wedding dress

The perfect wedding dress is a priority but don’t forget what you wear underneath your gown to complete your wedding look. Sexy underwear can be a good option but remember you have to wear your dress the whole day so shapewear that is invisible underneath your dress might be a better option. Besides being comfortable you want to look beautiful in pictures. People are watching you constantly so it’s important to feel confident about yourself on your big day. Stockings can be a great help to look your best.

Wear stockingssome luxurious stockings to make your legs look smooth this gives a confident boost because you don’t have to worry if your skin is to pale. Also you don’t have to get a tan or use airbrush, you can just use a pair of beautiful stockings and your legs will be silky smooth. Choose stockings with a low denier to get a shiny sheer appearance.

You can wear your stockings above your knee, preferable as high as possible if you wear a short wedding dress. Choose stockings with a low denier and wear bridal stockings and suspenders. You can choose white or transparent stockings, whatever makes you feel comfortable and sexy on this special day!

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