Why you should use photography backdrops

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Every photographer knows the value of a good background. The environment plays a huge role in getting the final results as it adds important visual elements to a photo and while good background can make the subject really pop out, a poor background can make a photo completely ineffective and fogs all the positive features of a subject. There are some cases where shooting outdoors is a must, especially if the environment adds up to the whole concept of a photo and enhances its features, but do we really need to go outside to take a photo in front of a simple white brick wall for that minimal effect?

The truth is, your vision as a photographer can be supported the other way just as effectively. This other way is called photography backdrops, and it is something more and more professional photographers gladly embrace. Here is why.

  1. Photography backdrops save time

How? Thanks to professional equipment and great lighting, a photographer can recreate the outdoor scenes indoors, and this saves them time. It is not only about saving time to find the perfect background, but the time necessary for editing and post-processing photo, and this means a huge deal.  Compared to outdoors photoshoot, there are more variables a photographer can control indoors when working with backdrops, as the outdoor conditions can vary. In other words, with photography backdrops, it is much easier to manipulate the light and exposure indoors, and no wind or unexpected rain can ruin a photo.

  1. It’s great for themed photoshoots

Photography backdrops are great when you are opting for a specific pattern, minimal and effective background, but also something more complicated and abstract, like three branches, different interiors or exteriors. Backdrops are especially useful for themed photoshoots for birthdays, holidays such as Halloween Backdrops or Christmas Backdrops and other different special occasions. This gives a photographer the opportunity to make a photo that’s effective, simple yet creative and unique at the same time.

  1. …and for product photography

The options of using a photography backdrops don’t end here. Photographers who earn a living from product photography know how important a great pre-shoot setting can be. The popularity of minimal photography is huge, and it is natural we see many top photos of products on top quality wooden or marble tables. But, are experienced photographers always searching for a perfect table when trying to present a product? Chances are, no they are not. Instead, they have a set of modern photography backdrops at their disposal to make every product really pop out.

  1. Backdrops are essential for portraits

In the end, probably the most obvious use of backdrops is for portraits. Whether we are talking about a classic portrait, or something more experimental, a photo backdrop can be of great use, especially because for a portrait shoot a photographer needs controlled conditions in order to get the best out result. Experienced photographers know this and won’t even say no to a well-designed backdrop.


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