Why You Should Wed Abroad

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You’ve got the ring on your finger, the man at your side and a lot of organising to get on with. Your wedding is in the future for you and you need to make some big decisions as to your venue as well as your dress! An unforgettable day is the aim for every bride out there and if you want a wedding beautiful and unique, why not consider going abroad for it?

We’re not talking about eloping; there’s no need to run away and get married abroad alone when you can bring the family with you. There are some fantastic reasons for going overseas to get married and we’ve got some of the best reasons to go:

  • Being different. Going against the grain with a huge white church wedding can be the most fun you ever have. Who wants to swirl down a boring old church aisle when you can saunter up the sand toward the shore in the luxury of Jamaica?
  • Undeniably cheaper. If you said you were going abroad to Egypt for a holiday, people may think you’re spending unnecessary money. But, tack on a wedding to that and you have a built-in honeymoon and wedding together. Heading somewhere sun-soaked on a week-long holiday is actually less expensive than a bells and whistles wedding.
  • The build-up of a wedding is a big one, but imagine your build-up ends with you all hopping on a plan to a beautiful location such as Italy or Greece? Cyprus wedding venues are becoming ever more popular as a location to swap vows because of the heat and the views of the ocean as you promise life to each other.
  • Luxury promise. Sure, you can get married in a beautiful country church in your home town, complete with ringing bells and local faces as you weave your way in the Bentley to the church. Or, you can put your money into an all-inclusive package in Corfu and have the wedding of a lifetime.
  • Weddings abroad generally mean that you cannot invite every member of the family and every friend you’ve ever known, unless they’re of course able to make the trip. Destination weddings are always more intimate and that can make your wedding day mean so much more.
  • Weddings, more often than not, have the additional expense of a honeymoon. If you’re paying for a package at a destination, then you’re already there! And all your favourite people get to enjoy it with you, which makes it all the more special.
  • Your wedding photography with the backdrop of a Greek sunset can give you memories for a lifetime. Destination weddings always have the most beautiful photos and because the weather is almost a guarantee, there’s no dashing off for cover because of surprise rain.

Your wedding needs to be the best day of your life and if you crave sun, sand and stunning views, a destination may be the right thing for your big day.

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