Why You Shouldn’t Let Guilt Ruin Your Wedding

Weddings involve a lot of leg work. Even worse, people say it’s your day but it isn’t the truth. For the most part, you’ll spend a lot of time trying to alter your plans to include as many people as possible. Unfortunately, this leads to huge mistakes that can put the occasion in jeopardy. While that may sound over-the-top, the truth is that stress is a killer and encourages you to do stuff you wouldn’t normally.

Brides, you need to check your conscience at the door if you want the wedding of your dreams, and here are the reasons why.

Quality Trumps Cost

To save on expense, you’ll try and find loopholes in the system. For example, you may hire a venue for the day and night to get your money’s worth. Otherwise, the cost of a church may plunge you into the red. However, certain things deserve a decent investment or else they end up lacking quality. A tip: hire a photographer who is a professional. Your friend’s son may be a photography major but that doesn’t mean they have the skill or the experience to capture your big day. An expert has both so will be able to frame your wedding forever.

You Don’t Have The Budget

Yes, you’d love to invite every aunty and long-lost cousin to the reception, but the reality is your budget is small. It’s hard enough paying for fifty guests never mind one-hundred of them when you include a plus one. Some people will take it as a slight if they are only invited to the evening party or aren’t invited at all, but they are the breaks. If you had an unlimited amount of money to throw at the event, you’d ask the Dalai Lama and his congregation to attend. You don’t, so you won’t and the same applies to friends and some family members.

There Aren’t Enough Jobs

Not everyone has one best friend. Some women are socialites who accrue acquaintances around the world and they may expect a role in the wedding. The thing is, there aren’t enough jobs to go around. For one thing, it costs to include people who are family or close friends as they need a dress and to be fitted. Secondly, it won’t be your bid day without your best friend standing by your side holding your hand. If you do feel guilty about not asking someone to be a bridesmaid, remember that you’d have to remove somebody from the original list.

It Happens Once

Let’s face it – you don’t plan on doing it all again at any point soon. And, that’s the final nail in the coffin. It’s a once in a lifetime thing and it should be down to you as to what happens and when. Anyone who makes you feel guilty doesn’t understand that your happiness comes first and shouldn’t be there anyway. Or, if you can’t help but feel bad, focus on the fact that 99% of people are happy to get an invite.

When guilt strikes, keep these facts in your head and it should disappear very quickly.

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