Wig care and styling tips for your wedding

This is a guide to style and care for your wig during your wedding. If your wig has a lot of tangles and has become “frizzy” you can make it completely beautiful again with these techniques.

During your wedding you want to look your best with wigs you can get the ultimate look and feel of real hair. They vary greatly in quality. So it’s best to get a good wig that last a long time that you can also wear after your wedding party.

However, even with the best quality lace front wig, you must be careful if you want to wear the wig often. That way the wig will stay beautiful longest and you can wear the wig every day.

People always ask, yes, but how long will a wig last? The answer to this question is always the same: it depends entirely on how you handle the wig and how you care for it. From where and how you store it, how often you brush and wash it to how you put it on.

What to do when your wig gets frizzy?

If your wig gets frizzy after a while, here are a few tips you can use to get your wig back to normal:

Use a wig brush to gently brush out the wig. The small one for curly wigs, the large one for a straight wig.

Fill a sink with cold water and add some wig shampoo. Wash the wig, rinse it until the water looks clear. Repeat this process. Let the wig dry (I always hang it from the bath faucet or shower head). Use the double brush (BBQ tongs brush) and a hairdryer to make the wig beautiful again. Please be careful not to burn yourself from the heat of the hairdryer.

Styling your wig

Styling a wig can sometimes take a little longer than expected. It depends on the condition of the wig and whether the wig is straight or curled. Always make sure to brush the wig before putting it on again. Tangles are unfortunately unavoidable and if you don’t brush out the tangles, you will get tang on tang on tang and then you might have to throw the wig away and of course we don’t want that! If you don’t have time to brush the wig out, don’t worry.

Make sure to take some time afterwards. Place the wig on a Styrofoam head (it sits on a wig table stand again). Then take 1 section and start brushing it from the bottom. If you feel some resistance, do not continue but go back a bit and start brushing again. This is how you go through the entire wig. For a wig with curls, brush with the curl for the best result.

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