Winter Wedding Rentals: Transforming Your Venue with Elegance

winter wedding

Turning your rental property into a wedding venue can be lucrative and rewarding, but it requires careful planning, preparation, and investment. Hosting weddings and other events can be a lucrative source of additional income. Wedding venues often command higher rental fees than standard residential leases, which can significantly increase your revenue. Rental income generated from hosting events may offer tax advantages or deductions, which can help reduce your tax liability.

Transforming your wedding venue into a winter wonderland with elegance is a beautiful way to celebrate your special day. Winter weddings offer a unique charm and ambiance, and suitable rentals can help you create a magical and cozy atmosphere. Creating a winter wedding venue at your property is one of the smartest decisions you can make as a vacation rental owner.

Here are some of the steps you can take to create a winter wedding rental on your property:

Chandeliers and Lighting:

To create a warm and romantic ambiance, consider installing chandeliers or unique lighting fixtures. Winter days are usually darker than the other days of the year, therefore, you want to brighten up the venue on your own. Chandeliers and lighting can help you create warmth and romance around the property to ensure that everyone has a nice time and that your guests have a precious experience.

Linen and Tableware

Although couples usually choose linen and tableware for their wedding day, as a property owner, you could increase your revenue and generate better results by offering the guests some options.

Choose linens and tableware that reflect the winter season. Opt for deep, rich colors like navy, burgundy, or forest green. You can offer elegant tablecloths, napkins, and charger plates to complement the winter theme.

Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari chairs come in various colors and can add a touch of elegance to the winter wedding. You can adorn them with faux fur chair covers or ribbons in the couple’s chosen winter color palette. This will help you get great reviews and increase the demand for your property. Couples love celebrating their weddings at aesthetic locations. Your best shot at gaining popularity as a rental with a wedding venue is creating elegance and beauty.

Faux Fur Throws and Pillows

You can not forget that your venue is also a rental property. Make sure that the guests feel comfortable and warm by greeting them with blankets and fur pillows in the living room and bedrooms.

As for the venue, you can keep your guests warm and cozy with the addition of faux fur throws and pillows in seating areas. These can be placed on lounge furniture or even on ceremony chairs for an extra touch of comfort and style.

Canopy or Draping

Drapes and a canopy will help you create a dreamy, intimate space. White or sheer fabric with fairy lights can evoke a magical winter atmosphere. A winter wonderland wedding can look surreal if you decorate the venue correctly. Once you publish high-quality videos and images of the venue covered in drapes, you can anticipate lots of bookings for weddings.

Candles and Candle Holders

We already talked about the importance of lighting in wedding venues. However, it’s not only chandeliers that you should use for lighting. If you wish to create a majestic atmosphere around your property remember that candles are a must for winter weddings. Use a variety of candle holders, including lanterns, mercury glass, and crystal candleholders, to add a warm and inviting glow to your venue.

Fireplace or Fire Pit

Adding a fireplace, if your budget allows it, to your wedding rental might just be the decision that gets your property booked every day of winter. A fire pit or a fireplace will create the cozy atmosphere guests long for during the colder months. It also adds to the romance and brightens the mood. Installing a fire pit on your own may be risky, so it’s advised that you get professionals to help you.

Winter Trees

Rent potted evergreen trees or birch trees to create a winter forest atmosphere. These can be used as aisle markers, decor around the ceremony space, or as a backdrop for the sweetheart’s table.

Remember that winter weddings offer the opportunity to embrace the season and its unique charm. When renting decor and items for your winter wedding, choose elements that reflect your style and the elegance you want to convey. Whether it’s a classic, rustic, or modern winter wedding, these wedding rentals can help you create a truly memorable and elegant atmosphere for your special day.

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