Winter Wedding Trends to Look Out For: A Mini Guide

winter wedding

If you’re planning a cold-weather wedding, don’t let the winter blues get you down. There are some winter wedding trends that could thaw even the coldest of hearts. Here are a few that we’re keeping an eye on…and so should you!

White Gold or Platinum Jewelry Is Hot this Winter Season

If you’re looking for necklaces, earrings, or accent pieces, white gold and platinum pieces are a hot ticket right now. Their icy cool tone complements the darker colors typically utilized at winter weddings.

If you’re looking for a memorable gift for bridesmaids, how about a white gold pendant with their birthstone (after all, colored gemstones are trending right now too)? Also, no matter the season, there’s something classic about the bride wearing sapphires matched with white gold for her touch of “something blue.” Align the season you’re getting married with your eternity wedding band! Choose a style in white gold that perfectly complements the glittering, icy diamonds surrounding the ring. It’s a subtle ode to winter! For your groom, check out men’s abalone wedding bands. These shells boast a blue, turquoise, purple, and sometimes gold shimmer that proves to be an interesting feature in your wedding band.

A Warming Proposition: Velvet Dresses 

Weddings are phenomenal events, no matter what season you hold them, but one way to embrace a winter wedding is to utilize velvet bridesmaid dresses. Not only will these stylish dresses provide more warmth than their typical lace and chiffon counterparts, but they also look phenomenal in photos against a wintery backdrop. Once you’ve chosen velvet as your fabric of choice, don’t forget the other important fashion details to pay attention to.

If you’re looking for a riff off the same theme but you’re wanting something more shabby chic, consider utilizing denim for the wedding party. You’ll still pull off a heartier winter look but with a different twist.

Feathers Take Flight

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Feathers can be one of the most beautiful additions for winter weddings. Not only do they convey the feeling of warmth that many yearn for during the winter season, but they also convey a certain sense of whimsy as well.

Feathers can be incorporated easily into a gown, veil, shrug, or almost any other piece. What about one large feather that makes a statement? How about dozens, if not hundreds, of feathers lining your train? Whatever you choose, you’ll love the way you look both in-person and in your wedding pictures.

The Big Trend of Mini-monies

What do you get when you cross a traditional wedding ceremony with an elopement? You get one of the newest trends on the wedding scene: mini-monies! These small ceremonies are similar to the size and scope of an elopement, except without the element of surprise. Typically, a mini-mony will have fewer than ten people in attendance. For some, mini-monies are an excellent way to save money. For others, it’s the best option due to local health restrictions. Whatever your reason, they can be both a lovely and memorable affair!

Coffee Bars Are a Great Perk

As many of the traditional receptions have been scaled down, for the time being, couples are looking for a way to show hospitality to their guests, all while keeping them warm in the winter. The answer? Coffee bars! These caffeinated happy hours trade the bartender for a barista. The final outcome is a homier, cozy time for guests to mingle. Plus, if you get an experienced barista for the occasion, there’s almost no limit to the types of fun and festive java-based drinks you can offer.

Be You!

Whatever trends you choose for your winter engagement or cold-weather wedding, don’t lose sight of the fact that your special day is about two people becoming one. As you make dozens of decisions over the next several months, use these winter trends as a springboard for each of you to exhibit your unique personality for this special occasion.

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