Winter Weddings: Style Tips for Plus Size Bridesmaids

plus size bridesmaids

Your best friend is getting married soon and she asked you to be her bridesmaid? Congrats! This role is definitely one of the most beautiful roles in the world, even though many girls claim that they despise wearing the same dress as the other bridesmaids. This can actually be really cute and rewarding, and if you’re looking forward to it, just stay with us and keep on reading. Here are some amazing style tips for plus size bridesmaids, so check them out and stun everyone around at the upcoming wedding!

Opt for an appropriate, figure-flattering color

Even though brides are usually the ones who pick their bridesmaids’ dresses, from their style to the color, there are always brides-to-be who love to involve their bridesmaids in the whole process of choosing the dress. Even if she allows you to pick colors all by yourselves, you should definitely stay away from white, because this color is reserved exclusively for the bride. Black is never a bad idea, but having all the bridesmaids wearing black can be e bit monotonous, so don’t be afraid to add a touch of color. Reds and greens are a fantastic idea, especially for winter weddings – just opt for a bit darker, not too in-your-face shades. Color blocking is also a fantastic idea. Of course, the all the bridesmaids should wear absolutely the same colors, so be sure you collectively agree on a style and shade.


Love your layers

Layering is an absolute must, especially during winter, when the low temperatures and windy weather start kicking in. This is particularly important if your friend’s wedding is going to take place outdoors, so make sure you dress accordingly. Looking classy and chic while staying cozy at the same time should be your top priority, so don’t be scared to throw on a stylish coat with some trendy ruffles, or a sparkly cardigan that perfectly matches your dress. Besides these, you can also opt for fashionable scarves that can keep you warm during the ceremony, so get a patterned one that complements your dress in the best possible way and layer up for the upcoming winter wedding!

plus size bridesmaids

A cute and casual combo perfect for not-so-formal weddings

Even though people often think that putting together a lovely outfit for a casual wedding can be potentially problematic, especially if you’re plus size, the truth is that finding appropriate garments is a piece of cake. This is particularly true since plus size clothing brands are stepping up their game these days, allowing women to look and feel confident, which is what matters most. Apart from formal gowns and elegant floor-length dresses, such brands also provide gorgeous casual dresses perfect for plus size bridesmaids.  Just be sure you embrace your curves and accentuate them in the best possible way, and you’ll look stunning no matter what you wear!

Don’t forget to accessorize

Accessorizing is probably one of the most essential steps which can transform even the most ordinary outfit into a fabulous one, so don’t forget to throw on some fantastic pieces of jewelry. Make sure you carefully consider your plus size clothing combo, because you as a bridesmaid should wear appropriate bling that’s neither too simple nor too over-the-top. Of course, you can always opt for some statement pieces, like long crystal earrings or a massive ring, but be careful not to overdo it, because too much jewelry can steal the show. As for your footwear, a pair of plain stiletto pumps is never a bad idea, since they won’t expose too much skin and make your feet freeze completely. Of course, strappy sandals are a huge ‘no’, especially if you’re wearing tights. Apart from them, a pair of warm boots isn’t a great choice either. No matter how cozy and warm they are, it’s highly likely that they won’t match your overall outfit and outfits of other brides in general, so skip them and pick those timeless pumps.

As you can see, plus size girls don’t have to worry about anything this winter, since their role of a bridesmaid can be tackled without any potential problems or troubles. Just be sure you stick to our guide and you’ll come up with a flawless outfit your bride will be proud of!

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