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honeymoon destination

They don’t call the initial stages of a relationship the ‘honeymoon’ phase for nothing. One of the best things about tying the knot is that you get to relive that honeymoon phase, but this time by going on a full-blown, decadent trip to a honeymoon destination of your dreams. A place where everything you see is incredibly romantic (probably even more so because you’re crazy in love). Still, the honeymoon destination is a big decision. You want the place to be magical and more extraordinary than any place you’ve been before. In order to help you decide on the perfect honeymoon destination, we have come up with some truly amazing ideas that are guaranteed to tickle your fancy and narrow down your choices.

Generate your own heat
honeymoon destination

If your idea of a perfect honeymoon doesn’t entail heat, sandy beaches, the ocean or cocktails by the pool, and your tastes lean more towards cozy sweaters, and staying inside (rarely leaving the bedroom), Finland might just be right up your alley. This European country is known as one of coldest in the world, but that’s fine by you, because you’ve got enough heat between the two of you to warm up an entire continent. When in a country so cold you’ll be ‘forced’ to spend some quality cuddle time and keep each other warm. Of course, when you do decide to leave the comfort of the bed and rejoin the world, you get to experience the spectacular, transcendental beauty of Aurora Borealis, a phenomenon whose beauty remains unmatched by anything else. The best piece of news – anywhere from November to March is perfect timing to visit this gorgeous country, because that’s when the magic happens.

Summer in the winter
honeymoon destination

There are all kinds of couples out there, and while some like it cold, others like it hot. If you’re looking for a tropical destination in the middle of winter, the Southern hemisphere is here to cater to all your needs. One of the most romantic destinations during every season is Rio de Janeiro. You can take romantic walks along Copacabana, as the sidewalk is just as spectacular as the beach itself. Stop at the bars near the promenade for a few traditional caipirinha cocktails and get tipsy on both them and your love. Of course, if you can hold off until February, you’ll be able to take part in one of the most spectacular parties in the world – the Carnival, but New Years isn’t such a bad time either, as the traditional New Year’s party at the Copacabana Beach is world famous. Of course, you know that in this country bikinis are practically a uniform, so don’t even think about going without first finding several pieces of ladies swimwear if you want to dazzle at the beach every single day. Bring your kimonos and platforms and don’t spare on accessories.

The lovebirds’ paradise
honeymoon destination

There is not a single season during which Paris is anything short of magnificent, but during winter it transforms into a City of Fairy Lights. The Christmas decorations alone are bound to have you jumping for joy like a little kid, and then there is the ice-rink at the Champs-Elysées where you can skate, fall, kiss, and do all the silly romantic things lovebirds do. There are museums to visit, gorgeous little streets to walk through, snuggled next to each other, and of course, for quality alone time, Maison Souquet is the hotel to be. The supreme service, the decadently romantic rooms, it all screams ‘honeymoon’. Eat the best pastries and exquisite coffee at Café des 2 Moulins. Paris is always a good idea.

The hip honeymooners

The ultimate hip honeymoon destination is, with no competition – Berlin. There is opera, theatres but there are also indie art exhibitions, low-key bars, amazing shopping, and if you happen to be there in February, Berlinale is an extraordinary film festival you definitely don’t want to miss. When you’re ready to move away from the glitz and the crowds, take a walk around the Botanical Gardens that usually have winter-themed events, but on regular days you get to admire the gorgeous tropical greenhouses. For a taste of German cuisine stop by Hartmann’s and enjoy a great bite next to the open fire. Of course, during the winter one of the city’s major attractions is the traditional Christmas market, more specifically 80 of them, scattered all over the city. Bonus incentive – Berlin is one of the more affordable European destinations, and offers the kind of vibrancy and nightlife you won’t find elsewhere.

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