Wonderful Wedding Planning: Extra Special Finishing Touches


Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so you’ll want to get it right. And with so many things to think about, it’s no wonder that brides can go a bit ‘bridezilla’! On top of the big things like the dress, venue, cake and flowers there are all the little touches that make it a truly special day. Here are just a few finishes that you could consider to make your wedding an occasion to remember.

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A Gift For The Groom

A nice touch on your wedding day is to send a surprise gift to your groom-to-be. While of course, your wedding day is about the two of you, weddings do tend to be focused heavily on the bride and so a little treat to show you’re thinking about him as you get ready on the day is a cute extra touch. You could have a little hamper of different things made up or a new special fragrance to wear. It could be something a little more valuable and sentimental. A piece of jewelry for example would stand the test of time, and be a beautiful reminder of the day. You could look at frost NYC mens gold bracelets and other similar brands and pick out something you know he will love. Pass it to a friend or family member to give him on the day, or arrange a delivery with a company.

Transport For Guests

Chances are you’ve put some thought into your own transport on your wedding day. Whether it’s a limo, luxury car, horse, and cart or something else, your wedding transport is a sure way to make you feel really special and like a princess getting from A to B! It’s not expected for you to provide transport from the ceremony to the reception for guests, but if they’re in separate places, it’s nice to do so. It means guests who haven’t driven aren’t having to spend money in taxis, get lost or mess around. You could arrange something like a wedding bus which would take a huge number of guests and means everyone would arrive at the same time. Alternatively, you could book a couple of private taxis yourself and have these paid for and ready to go when you come out of the ceremony.

A Room For Children At The Reception

Weddings can be tiring for children. They start early in the day, and the reception goes right the way on into the evening. If you know a lot of your guests will be bringing little ones, why not arrange something just for them? You could hire a separate room and find a nanny or babysitter to mind them. A comfy, quiet area to watch movies, some crafts and things to do and some kid-friendly food will all go down a treat. And is something that parents are sure to love you for!

Thoughtful Wedding Favours

Wedding guests spend a considerable amount of time and money to attend your big day. They have to buy an outfit, accessories, sort out travel, possibly accommodation and in some cases book time off work. Then there’s a gift to buy, all in all, it can add up to a lot. While your loved ones are more than happy to do this to celebrate your special day with you, it’s nice to give a little something back too. Wedding favors are a good way to go about this. Many people keep it simple with a small bag of sugared almonds, but you could go with something a bit nicer if you want to thank people. Some fancy French macarons or other confectionary treats, posh soap and candles are all ideas to consider. You could even personalize it a bit, with one type of gift for men, another for women and another for children.


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A Personalised Playlist

A good DJ will know all of the best songs to get everyone up and dancing at your wedding reception. But you want to make things personal to you, so be sure to ask for a few songs to be added to the playlist in advance of your big day. You could even ask guests to RSVP with a couple of their favorites too, so everyone gets to hear a song they love! Songs are great for memories, and let’s face it, your wedding day is one that you will want to always remember. Ask for songs that you can listen back to in years to come and be reminded of this special day.

A Polaroid Guest Book

A guest book is another nice way to remember your big day, but instead of written messages why not go a step further? Leave out a polaroid camera for people to snap photos of themselves and write their message on the back. You can display these in a scrapbook or even string them up in a big frame and display them proudly in your home. Pinterest has some cool ideas like this you could check out.

Treats For The Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids are your rock during the wedding, and having your closest female friends and family standing there with you can be a huge help on your wedding day. They will be helping you set up, helping you into the dress and all in all being very hands on during the day. So to thank them for this monumental task, how about treating them? You could give them a little gift, or even present them with tickets for a spa, afternoon tea or other outing you can all attend as a group after the wedding. You could get them personalized robes or pajamas to wear the night before or on the morning of the wedding while you all get ready. Have a think about what they would like and find a suitable way to say thank you!

What finishing details do you recommend for an extra special wedding day?

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