Yellow Gold Vs. White Gold Wedding Rings – Which Is Best For You?

yellow gold

Choosing the right metal colour for your wedding ring boils down to personal preference. Whether you choose white gold or yellow gold, it all depends on a number of factors from your preferred colour to the metal’s durability.

What’s the Difference?

The difference between yellow gold and white gold in wedding bands is the amount of pure gold and alloys used in the bands. White gold is typically alloyed with nickel, whereas yellow gold uses silver as its alloy. Both metals are made up of 58.3% pure gold and the rest tends to be a matched alloy. Both also use copper and zinc as alloys. If you’re searching for quality white or yellow gold wedding bands, see what has on offer.

While the conventional colour of wedding bands tends to be yellow gold, white gold wedding bands with a silvery look have become rather fashionable. People who follow trends tend to choose white gold wedding bands. But, those who prefer to keep things traditional pick yellow gold. Often, yellow gold wedding bands may be considered boring, but, those who have tried to bring a balance between tradition and style pick bands with curves, edges, and interesting designs.

Colour Preferences

One major deciding factor in choosing white or yellow gold wedding bands is what the person prefers in terms of colour. Depending on what the wearer considers flattering to their wardrobe, skin tone, and even lifestyle, it will help with the decision. It will also depend on the other jewellery the wearer usually wears. For instance, if your engagement ring has a unique coloured stone, like a blue topaz or a blue sapphire, you may like a white gold wedding ring that will blend with the blue tones of those stones.

Also, your choice will depend on whether the bride and groom want to match or contrast their wedding rings and the rest of the jewellery they wear every day. If the bride tends to wear silver most often, white gold will be the way to go. But, you can also create a contrast to make sure that the wedding band stands out. There is a great selection of both white and yellow gold wedding bands offered by various jewellers.

What About Durability?

The durability of white gold vs. yellow gold is another factor to consider. Pure gold is usually very soft and requires an allow to render it solid. White gold is usually either 14- or 18-caats, whereas yellow is usually more.

Finally, keep in mind that white gold usually turns a slight yellowish hue with age. If you do not want that and you prefer white metal, you may want to consider platinum, or you could have the ring platinum coated.

Choosing a wedding band metal and colour is an important decision, as it is going to be a piece of jewellery you are sure to wear every day for a long time to come. Consider your options carefully as well as the benefits of white gold versus yellow gold for your wedding ring.


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